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Meaningful. Profitable. Easy To Figure Out.

You're stuck on setting up some things.
There are so many things you should be doing but you are not sure which to focus on and how to get it done.  The steps are not clear. And there's too much to figure out.

You're wasting so much TIME & ENERGY.  You could be wasting money on the wrong things. STOP trying to do this alone. It's time to get personalized help for your specific business.

Wanting to Start
A home-based business?

  • Yearning to use your passions to start a business on the side or even full time? 

  • Ready to start but don't know what steps to take?

  • Need help with determining your ideal client and what niche to focus on?

  • Sick of researching what you should do and how to start?

  • Tired of trying to go about this alone?

  • Know you need help so you start this business right?

  • Don't know how you best keep track of customers and how to market to them in the beginning?

  • Not sure how to best start your social media so others know about your business?

  • Want this to be successful so you can make an income that works for your lifestyle?

  • Need someone to answer your questions and get advice from?

  • Searching for someone who actually will personally work with you - and who cares about your situation?

currently running your own home-based business?
  • In love with your business but don't feel like you can enjoy it until certain things are setup?

  • Wearing too many hats and need help figuring out what to focus us?

  • Need to determine what processes you should continue to do and maybe what you should outsource or get help with?

  • Trying to make sure you have all the essential tools/processes in place?

  • Need another set of eyeballs on your business to make sure you are doing the right things? 

  • Need someone to analyze your blind-spots and help get you rolling in the right direction?

  • Missing out on revenue opportunities simply because you don't have the right systems/workflows in place?

  • Searching for someone who actually cares about your journey and will personally work through these things with you?

I know how to create thriving businesses!

This isn't my first rodeo. 

Over the last 20 yrs, I started, built & ran 2 online gift boutiques,  with multi-6 figure revenues. I now am running this consulting business & podcast. 

I know what it takes for a business to run effectively.

I sold, processed & shipped 100,000+  gift items for my e-commerce boutiques. 


Yes, I know life as a business owner.

The struggle can be real and I've had to learn the hard way. I can save you time & angst AND MONEY!

I not only transform small businesses, but I truly care

about YOU,

the ones who run them. 

Help has arrived - 

this is how it works:

Step 1:

You email me the scoop on your business. Tell me

what issues you are struggling with and what you are trying to accomplish. 

Step 2:

If I know that I can help you, we will set up a free 15-minute call for us both to determine if we are a good fit.

Step 3:

We schedule sessions to work in person or on calls/video calls. We knock out all of those lingering process questions & tasks. You will now be able to move on to the fun stuff!

Power Hours!
1 session $147
4 sessions $597
You schedule it.
We take care of business.
So you can get back to the parts you love!
you just need someone  To PERSONALLY guide you properly!
I will provide YOU: 
  • proven steps
  • with clear & simple action plans
  • that is specific to your business
  • from someone who actually cares.
  • (So you can stop pulling your hair out.)

Here's how I've helped others....

Nicole, NaomiGrayDesigns.com

"Kimberly helped me figure out which online shopping cart I should use for my jewelry line. She knew what apps to use to make my online store function better with all the personalization options- and she steered me away from other software I thought I needed!

I have had a handful of sessions with her to get all this squared away. I am so thankful for her as she saved me so much time - as I am not good at figuring out all this backend stuff. Now I have more time to actually design my jewelry!"

Jennifer, IYBoutique.com

"I'm so thankful for Kimberly's help and insight. Working day in and day out for the last 15 years, I was in it all the time. She helped me with inventory control and management. Her perspective was refreshing and allowed me to become more efficient-  which translated into more profit. And it gave me more energy to devote to leading my company, and more balance in my home. I'm so grateful for her guidance and wisdom. She truly cares about my success!"



"I could not figure out how to make our order processing/shipment workflow faster.  Kimberly devised a plan on how we should set everything up.  Now, it saves us so much time and is way easier to keep up with the orders. And, we also needed advice on how to manage customer service emails, and we set that all up as well. I'm sure I will need her again soon!"

Create A Solid


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