Aren't you ready to get your new business going effectively so you can start making money consistently?

Oh yes you are 😍

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It's one thing to start a business.

It's another thing entirely to start a successful business.

Building a business is hard work and takes planning and strategy to set yourself up for success.

So many new business owners tell me.....

♦They feel overwhelmed by all the steps

♦They are confused about what to do next

♦They're a little scared

♦They don't know if they're doing everything right

♦They feel lonely at times with nowhere or no one to turn to get reliable help & feedback

♦They want to start making money consistently


If this is YOU, I totally get it!

It breaks my heart when new business owners flail around & don't know how to start their businesses effectively...

because I know their businesses my flop.

And that's so sad to me.

Because they'll never create the impact or make the money they could have made.

I believe new business owners simply need the knowledge, assurance & confidence to make it all happen.  That's why this Academy exists.

Yes, you too can make money doing what you love ♥︎

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I ran my own gift boutiques for almost 20 years. 

It was the real definition of building businesses from the ground up.

Being my own boss and building my businesses have been some of the most rewarding things in my life.  

And I want people like you to experience the same joys of creating something special and making a difference in this world. 

That's why I created the Just Start Academy:

to help people like you make money doing what you love too!

Is the Just Start Academy for you?


👉The Just Start Academy is for you if you want to create a solid foundation for your new product or service-based business so you can make a difference in this world, and your life.


But I’m not going to lie,

starting and building your new business is hard work.

And this program isn’t for everyone.  Here is how to know if it’s a good fit:

♦You want a step-by-step process for how to start & create the foundation for your new business

♦You don't want to be overwhelmed with too much information that stalls you

♦You want to feel confident sharing your business with the world so you can grow it and make money

♦You need assurance that you are doing the right things

♦You want the ability to get feedback and help as you take crucial steps 

♦ You would love to be part of an intimate group vs just being a number

♦You simply want to get your business going effectively so you can make money doing what you love ♥︎

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The Just Start Academy is for you if you are in one of these 3 stages below👇and you're ready to start making money consistently.

Haven't Started Yet...

You have your business idea and are ready to get it started effectively, understand all the basics of business & set yourself up for success.

Just Starting...

You're already taking the first steps but don't know everything you need to be doing to create a solid foundation, and set yourself up for success so you can start making money.

Just Launched Your Business

You just started selling your products/services but don't know that you have a firm grip on the basics like your niche, how to share your business with the world, how to gain an audience what expenses to track,  etc. and you'd love to make sure you're set up for success!

Here's some examples of businesses this program will help:

any type of product or service you are passionate about like jewelry, pets, home accessories, blankets, personalized gifts, baked goods, body products, decor, coaching services, fitness,  teachers, instructors, greeting cards, accessories, baby goods, clothing, kitchen decor, and a million other things! If you have the love for it - and know there is demand for it - then we can build your business around it 🥰

"Kimberly is a truly genuine and passionate coach who's goal is to help you succeed!

I was able to learn and develop a blueprint on how to start my business. I highly recommend the academy and come prepared with questions! You will get the most out of this class when you spend time doing the workbook and getting your questions answered. Thank you so much Kimberly!"

Janice Wong, USA


"I feel so lucky to have found Kimberly and the Just Start series.

This program has helped me to design a strong foundation for my business, one that I know I can continue to build on, and with Kimberly cheering me on along the way I know I have a great mentor to guide me. Kimberly's genuine style motivates me and has given me great momentum to know that my dreams can now become a reality and I CAN make a living doing what I love."

Charlotte Wood, UK


"I can’t tell you how awesome Kimberly is, she feels like my very business wise best friend!

I have become much more confident in my work and mostly realize I don’t have to be perfect in everything. The pillars guide us through significant steps to the beginning and building our businesses. Don’t ever miss an opportunity to learn from Kimberly! She is the best!! She is awesome! Thank you Kimberly for your support!!"

Debra Parker, USA


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Just imagine...♥︎


  1. Knowing that you have taken the proper steps to set your business up for success,
  2. Feeling confident in the direction you are headed and
  3. Becoming super-excited to share it with the world so you can finally make money consistently doing what you love!


You have impact and money to make with your new business.

And I can't wait to help you do just that!


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