Aren't you ready to make money doing what you love?


Then it's time to get your business started already & set yourself up for success!


Yes, you too can build a successful business while making a difference in this world! ♥︎


But...starting a business can be so confusing & overwhelming.

There's so much unknown, so many steps to take, and can feel overwhelming. 

So many tell me....


♦They feel overwhelmed by all the steps

♦They are confused about what to do next

♦They're scared & not sure if this is possible for them

♦They don't know if they're doing everything right

♦They don't have a clear plan for how to approach this process & set themselves up for success

♦They simply want to make money doing what they love - and enjoy a career that is fulfilling


If this is YOU, know that's you're not alone. 

It breaks my heart when I see people stall and feel frustrated as they start their businesses - because there is so much unknown. 

I want people like you to know there is a simple & clear way to start your business - that allows you to use your God-given gifts to make a difference in this world.  ♥︎

Yes, you transform what you know & love into a successful business.

Yes, you can take control of your future.

Yes, you can create something special.

Yes, you can enjoy a personally fulling & impactful career by starting your business.

Yes, you can do this 🎉  

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Hi, I'm Kimberly

I've been running my own businesses for more than 20 years

and they have meant the world to me!

All of my businesses have been the real definition of building businesses from the ground up.

Being my own boss and building my businesses have been some of the most rewarding things in my life.  

And I want people like you to experience the same joys of creating something special and making a difference in this world. 

That's why I'm on a mission to help people like you start businesses you love too!

Is the Just Start Course for you?


 ðŸ‘‰Just Start was created for people like you just starting or about to start a business doing what you love ♥︎

If you're ready to create an impact on your life and those you seek to serve, then this is for you!


Just Start is a foundational course that helps almost any type of business including product business & service business. It is the overview & 10k foot view of everything that needs to be established & helps you work through each of those steps.



♦Learn the 7-step framework to set you up for success

♦Take action on each step to keep moving forward

♦Get clear & confident about launching your new business

♦Understand how your business will make a difference in others' lives

♦Stay motivated & on track with checkpoints along the way

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Just Start is perfect for you if you are wanting to offer:

any product or service you are skilled & passionate about like jewelry, pets, home accessories, blankets, personalized gifts, baked goods, body products, decor, bags, coaching services, fitness,  teachers, instructors, greeting cards, accessories, baby goods, vintage clothing, consulting, beauty services, food & baked goods, fitness products, candles, vintage clothing, bag makers, kitchen & home gifts, and a so many more! If you have the love for it - and know there is demand for it - then we can build your business around it 🥰

Whether you want to sell on your own website,  start an Etsy shop, offer coaching and consulting services, create a membership or build a course, open a cart selling your goods or booths at events,  etc - then this program will help give you create all the fundamentals to do just that!

Here's what you get access to:


Video Lessons

I'll keep you on track with video lessons explaining each of the 7-step framework that you can watch anytime!

Workbook & Action Plans

You get access to a printable workbook outlining the 7-step framework so you can make sure you'll not missing a beat

BONUS: Private Podcast

Learn on-the-go with Apple or Google Podcasts or through the portal with private audio lessons to take guide you every step

Here's a Sneak Peek at the 7-step framework you'll work through:

Pillar 1: The Heart

How to discover your niche, the people you should serve, how you can help them, and how to connect with them. This may be the most important piece of this whole program because it determines everything from here on out.

Pillar 2: Make it Official

How to make your business legal and official and get everything set up correctly

Pillar 3: Branding

How to create a visual and wording brand that you can use to share your business with the world and give off the perception you want to give

Pillar 4: Paid Offers

How to create products that resonate and price them right so that they are desirable to those you seek to serve

Pillar 5: Systems & Tech

How to establish all the backend tools, software, and equipment that will enable you to run this business. Plus learn how to keep track of your revenues and expenses.

Pillar 6: Marketing

How to effectively share your business with the world by showing up in the right places in the way you feel most comfortable. Yes, you have to work at attracting the right people and building your audience

Pillar 7: Your Thoughts

How to get a grip on your mind because this may be the one biggest factor that causes businesses to not get off-the-ground. Your mind can take over and get the best of you so you must take control and learn how to deal with your thoughts

Just think how much time you'll save & how awesome you'll feel:


No more confusion.

No more overwhelm.

No more researching a million things.

No more wondering how to piece this all together.

No more wasting time & energy trying to figure this out on your own

The Just Start method works - and it can work for you too


  1. Finally understand how to approach the start of your business

  2. Understand how you are uniquely positioned to make a difference

  3. Know that you are doing the right things as you start your awesome business!

"Kimberly is a truly genuine and passionate coach who's goal is to help you succeed!

I was able to learn and develop a blueprint on how to start my business. I highly recommend Just  Start! ...... Thank you so much Kimberly!"

Janice Wong, USA


"I feel so lucky to have found Kimberly and Just Start.

This program has helped me to design a strong foundation for my business, one that I know I can continue to build on....Kimberly's genuine style motivates me and has given me great momentum to know that my dreams can now become a reality and I CAN make a living doing what I love."

Charlotte Wood, UK


"I can’t tell you how awesome Kimberly is, she feels like my very business wise best friend!

The pillars guide us through significant steps to the beginning and building our businesses. Don’t ever miss an opportunity to learn from Kimberly! She is the best!! She is awesome! Thank you Kimberly for your support!!"

Debra Parker, USA


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Here's how to get started:

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  • Immediate access to the course so you can get rolling asap!
  • Flexibility to work through it at your own speed on your own time
  • Printable workbook + action plans + checkpoints to keep you on track
  • Lifetime access
  • BONUS: ðŸŽ§ Just Start private podcast with audio lessons (loads into Apple podcast & other players - YAY!)
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You have impact and money to make with your new business.

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