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If you know me, you know I like things to run efficiently. And, I am that person that tries every tool, gadget, software, tool or anything that I think will save me time, take away stress, or make me look better! (Yes, I'm in my 40's.) These below are my faves and they are affiliate links. Please know that I don't just put anything on this page that I do not whole-heartedly love and recommend.  I can't help but share them with you -  my friends here should never be in the dark about awesome things! Enjoy!

Business Tools & Books/Audiobooks

  1. Willpower Doesn't Work - I'm totally obsessed with this audiobook. I have believed this concept (that you should prevent having to use your willpower) and have tried to share it with others around me for years. But now that this book just came out - my family finally believes me LOL. This has stuck with me and I share the info with others around me.  It makes you realize how you can alter your habits by changing your environment. It is crucial for trying to improve working habits, eating habits, sleep habits and more. The audiobook is great for on-the-go, that's how I "read it." LOL See on Amazon

  2. Atomic Habits - This book helps me so much. I literally utilize the methods explained in this book every day. I never thought about approaching mundane to-dos like this. You should surely read it or listen to it! See on Amazon

  3. Blinkist App - So this app/service has saved me hours of time. If I need to know the summaries of books, this is the ticket! You can read or listen to the 10-15 minute summaries of any book in their library.  It helps me so much because I literally don't have enough time in the day to read all the books I need to. There are some books that I simply need the gist of, and this is such a great source for me! Meet Blinkist

I can't live without....

  1. Instacart. I seriously use it like twice a week. I never go to the grocery store anymore in a bad mood, because I go when I really want to enjoy that process. Instacart saves me weekly, I literally order and it's delivered in a couple of hours. If my husband ever makes me stop using Instacart, we will have a problem. And now, just typing this, I just realized I need to order some bananas and milk, and thankfully I don't have to go to the store! WAHOO! Meet Instacart

  2. Apple AirPods. I'm not kidding, these things rock. If you don't have them, borrow a friend's set for 3 minutes. The sound is amazing - and so music, podcasts and phone calls sound flawless!  But also, there is no tangling of the wires and getting caught in them LOL. I can walk my dogs, listen to podcasts and actually ENJOY not being wrapped up in my headphone cords. Once I got mine, my husband immediately got a pair and so did my son. I listen to podcasts and take care of business over the phone while walking around my house hands-free. Yes, now I just up'd my multi-tasking game. They are THE BEST! See on Amazon