Online Business Coach for Women

There's a lot of decisions to make as a business owner....

and sometimes another set of eyeballs on what you're doing can be all it takes to propel you forward!



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Sometimes you know when you need personal help.

Maybe you

are stuck on:

  • your pricing
  • what to put on your website or home page or pages to have
  • how to simplify your offers
  • how to develop your program
  • what to focus on right now
  • and more!

If you aren't totally confident in sharing your business with the world or know you have things you need to work through before you do share it with the world, 


πŸ₯³ then 1x1 Strategic Coaching could be exactly what you need!

😘Just imagine....

  • Having another set of eyeballs on what you're doing
  • Getting clear about what your focus should be & having the steps before you
  • Knowing you're headed in a direction that feels awesome to you!


πŸŽ‰You will surely feel recharged & excited for the future of your business!

Hi, I'm Kimberly

I've been running my own online businesses for almost 20 years. There is money online (but you knew that already lol.)

 I know your business means so much to you & can't wait to help you live your dream too!


Simply contact me below so you can learn how strategic coaching could help your business.


Inquire about 1x1 Sessions

Here's what she said...

and know I'd love to help you too!


Sarah Hilton

"...Kimberly is a person who wants you to succeed and she will go the extra mile to help where she can......"

Dina Agueda-Furman

"....The future feels bright and I’m grateful that I don’t have to look into it alone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Kimberly."

Sheila Smith

"....I am deeply grateful to have your mentoring Kimberly."


90-Minute Power Session

Sometimes you need help - and you need it now! During our time together we will work through your vision for this business & solidify your offering, your pricing, your program, what your website should say and/or anything you need to work on so you can confidently share your business with the world.  Whether you're in the idea stage, just starting or trying to grow your new business, let's get you some clarity so you can keep moving & build this dream of yours!


πŸ₯° Series of Three 45-minute 1x1 Coaching Sessions

Just imagine gaining the clarity, confidence & direction needed to get your business going & growing!  In this series, you get to book as needed. So many new owners I work with need to work through things like getting a plan together for starting, working on their pricing, packages for their offer, how to structure their website, brainstorming names, working through ideas, and a list of other things slowing them down.   We'll meet on Zoom & you'll get the replays to access anytime. Finally have help when you need it!


Get moving in 3 easy steps:



Step 1

Fill out the inquiry form below sharing about your business situation.


Step 2

I'll review your info & email you back to get further info or set up a quick Vision call to hear about your fabulous business & where you're struggling.


Step 3

You'll book the coaching package best for you - and we'll get started!

πŸ‘‡Simply fill this out & I'll get back to you asap 

xoxo Kimberly