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Privacy Policy

If you're looking for a corporate agency to help you,
Unlike those agencies, I personally care about YOU & have time for you.  I truly have a passion for small business and heart for those who run them every day. I get it. I know it. And I love it! (And,  unlike some of the agencies charging thousands, I have chosen to be reasonably priced.)
My mission is all about YOU and your business. It breaks my heart every time I talk to someone who says they have been wanting to start a business or want to make their business better, but don't know what steps to take. I know I can offer them ways to get started, steps to take, strategies to use, tools/processes to put in place and so much more.  I can't bear to let them go another day without taking action. (And if I'm not the right person to help them, you can bet I will surely refer them to someone who can.)
Please know that I genuinely want you to build a special business that lets you use your creative side, your brain, your personality & your heart - so you can be proud of this meaningful business you have created, and the amazing women you have become!

Hi, I'm Kimberly!

For the past 20 years, I have been running my own successful businesses right from my home. I have absolutely cherished the ability to use my strengths & passions to create personally fulfilling & profitable businesses, all while making money doing something I truly love!

Now, I'm on a mission to help other women do the EXACT SAME THING!

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Learn from my podcast - "She's Just Getting Started." Gain insights into starting & growing your business right!

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Join my PRIVATE FB Group - connect with a community of driven women  starting & growing

their businesses right!

Feeling stuck? Trying to figure out what steps to take next? Maybe you are just starting your business or in early stages of setting up something new?


Grab My IKIGAI Guide to Finally Know Your True Business Purpose


16 Step Checklist
to Quick-Start Your Business!
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Ensure Your Business Has a Solid Foundation!
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If you currently run a business from your home or
dream of someday doing so, then this podcast is
for you! I want to help you start it right and build it smart so you can enjoy your fabulous business for years to come!
I will have on topic experts & other entrepreneurs to give us valuable advice for your journey! And, I'll reflect on my past 20 years online my businesses while balancing motherhood! 
I can't wait for you to join me!
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Things that I use AND recommend in business & life that make it all more enjoyable - and run way more smoothly!