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Privacy Policy

Hi, I'm Kimberly!

For the past 20 years, I have been running my own successful businesses right from my home. I have absolutely cherished the ability to serve others while accomplishing a meaningful mission, all while providing income for my family.


But who I have become along the way is what has truly changed my life.

Now, I'm on a mission to help guide other women start, build & grow personally fulfilling & profitable businesses! 

If your business is just a business to you,
then we probably aren't the best fit.
But, if your business (or future business) is based on a bigger mission to make a positive difference in people's lives, then I'm with you!  If you seek to serve others with products or services that actually mean something to you, then I get you.  And if you yearn to be more personally fulfilled  & enlightened than you are today, then I know this journey is important to you, and I can't wait for us to get started growing your business to all it can be!
I want to help you become a more informed business owner who takes action - so I can guide you and help you with my proven steps to make it easy for you to move forward.   Know that this process can be more personally impactful & life-changing than you ever imagined. I can't wait to see you get started on your journey to becoming the woman you were always meant to be!
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Learn from my podcast - "She's Just Getting Started." Gain insights into starting & growing your business right!

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their businesses right!

Feeling stuck? Trying to figure out what steps to take next? Maybe you are just starting your business or in early stages of setting up something new?


Grab My IKIGAI Guide to Finally Know Your True Business Purpose


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to Quick-Start Your Business!
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If you currently are running your own your own business or​ dream of someday starting one, then this podcast is for you! I want to help you start gaining new perspectives, become more purposeful & start taking action to make things happen, in life & business!
I'll reflect and give lessons I've learned from my past 20 years running my own businesses. In addition, I will have on other entrepreneurs & topic experts to give us wisdom, insights & action steps to help us become more purposeful, intentional & informed along our journey!
I can't wait for you to get started & become the amazing woman you were meant to be!
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Things that I use AND recommend in business & life that make it all more enjoyable - and run way more smoothly!