💥Ready to fast-track your new business online, get it growing & start making money already?


Of course you are!



Register Your Interest in Grow-Getters

💥Ready to fast-track your new online business, get it growing & start making money already?


OF COURSE, you are!



Register Your Interest in Grow-Getters

👉Don't waste any more time trying to go about this alone - it's time to fast-track your success! 

 🎉 Grow-Getters will be accepting new members January 2022 - get notified of dates/pricing announced soon.


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🥳 Just imagine how awesome it would feel if your business was making consistent monthly income.....

  • you would be making money doing what you love
  • you would be using God-given gifts to make a difference in this world
  • you would creating something special all your own


💕This can be your reality!

👉Here's the problem:


Many new business owners have the passion, vision & drive....


But lack the strategic thinking to actually make their big dream a reality sooner than later.


Don't let this be you!

In Grow-Getters you'll.....

👉Master proven fundamental business strategies

✅Transform yourself into a strategic thinking business owner

😍And live in awe that you are actually building your business dream!

🥳 We can't wait for you to join us!

What is Grow-Getters?

♥︎ It's a transformational, small group coaching program for new business owners ready to make money online & start living their business dreams!


Grow-Getters is for service & product businesses alike:  coaches, makers, artists, creatives, freelancers, instructors, consultants, musicians, bakers, event businesses,  jewelers, food cart owners, booth sellers,  interior designers, sewists, copywriters, life coaches, career coaches, candle makers, fitness instructors, Etsy sellers body-product makers, pet business owners, clothing makers, resellers and more!

🎉Grow-Getters includes the 3 C's:


Core Trainings

Yes, you get access to fundamental business trainings you can learn from 24/7



Access to our private group of new business owners where you get support 24/7



Heck yes, you get strategic coaching & feedback on your work so you know you're doing things effectively!

😎In Grow-Getters, we have fun.......

but we're serious about building our business dream!

After all, we want to make money doing what we love - and make a difference in this world while doing it.

🎉Grow-Getters is amazing, but not for everyone...

Grow-Getters is for:

  • New business owners turning a skill or passion into a business & want to be in the online space
  • In 1st year of business or early-stages wanting to get off the ground
  • Those offering products and/or services
  • Those who are on a mission to make a difference (no matter in big or small ways)
  • Those who want to build a profitable & personally fulfilling business (not a hobby)

⛔️NOT for....

  • new owners opening a franchise, restaurant, bakery, retail store with lease & employees
  • those not actively involved in starting & running their business
  • business owners making over 10k consistently/mo
  • people who have no idea how to start a business
  • those who don't like supporting others
  • those seeking get-rich-quick schemes
  • those who don't like learning from others

Why did I decide to start Grow-Getters?

Because I couldn't bear to watch any other new business owners flail around not understanding how to grow & make money online.

I wanted them to have a fun & safe place to master their business fundamentals, start thinking strategically & feel supported during the crucial early stages of entrepreneurship.

I wanted them to see that YES, they have God-given gifts that can be used to make a difference in this world through their business.

And, I wanted them to BELIEVE that they can do this so & see the proof all around them that success is possible for them too!

After all, I've been running my own businesses for over 20 years, and I know how AWESOME the experience can be!



Register Your Interest!
Here's what she said.......


Kimberly is also a truth-teller. She'll share her honest advice and feedback, but she's always kind. One thing I love about working with Kimberly is that she's always striving to improve her own business, and that inspires me to improve mine, too. She pushes me to be a better business owner and to reach my goals.

-Tiffany Woodall

Career Coach: Creating Better Mondays



This has totally gotten me out of my comfort zone, and even though it's scary, knowing you have a great mentor and people there for you to help and encourage you, is so worth it! I learn something new every week that challenges me and makes me GROW as a biz owner.  When I didn't know if I wanted to do monthly or just plug in for a whole year, I remember listening to Kimberly and she said "if you get one sale from this, it covers your yearly cost" - and she's so RIGHT! I already did and I continue to grow!

-Sheila Tolsma

Event rental company: Copper and Lace



I absolutely love Kimberly‘s faith-based and positive approach to helping others. She is very inspiring and really enjoys helping other small business owners grow. I think Kimberly is an invaluable resource. I love our group and value that I can get help and feedback at anytime.

-Stacy Delarios

Pilates instructor: Fix Pilates


I really am getting so much from this Grow-Getters program. I personally love Kimberly's coaching approach which is so down to earth, extremely knowledgeable, committed, and so professional. With Kimberly, you are not just getting a 100%, she gives you 150% because it truly comes from a place of excellence.....Thank you so much Kimberly for taking me on as your client in GG and to truly pour into me. I am deeply grateful to have your mentoring in this program. I KNOW I will never fail because I am and will continue learning through your guidance.

-Sheila Smith

Life Coach: Sheila Smith Coaching



Since joining Grow-Getters, I have had my highest revenue-earning month. I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone more frequently to rise to the challenges Kimberly knows business owners will meet. With her guidance, I have picked up the pace of marketing my business, to find more clients and work that I love. Grow-getters has been a huge catalyst for my business growth. If members put in the time to follow Kimberly's strategies and learn from her experience, results will come! Everyone is encouraged to grow at their own pace, but having the accountability to be consistent in that pace has been monumental to growing my business.

-Melissa Meyer

Copyrighter for female entrepreneurs: Bets and Ben Creative


Joining Grow Getters became a natural progression for me because I knew Kimberly would be able to give me the personalized advice I needed to propel myself forward and overcome my insecurities and fears.........I feel so very fortunate to have landed here. I am grateful for the community that you have built; wonderful, confident, and brave women that are working their butts off and doing it with so much integrity. The future feels bright and I’m grateful that I don’t have to look into it alone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Kimberly.

-Dina Agueda-Furman

Handmade cards: Dina's Card Chest


Imagine for a minute...


1 - How fun it will be to run your business...

 2 - Making money consistently doing what you love.....

3 - And actually living your business dream!



👉JUST 1 strategy you gain & implement could more than pay for a year of your Grow-Getters membership!

Do you realize how many ideas & suggestions you will gain by being a part of Grow-Getters? If you got one simple idea that you implement, it could literally pay for this membership! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?  Maybe you get 1 extra client a month or 1 over a year (if you have higher ticket items) and that could PAY FOR THIS program!


The Price

I will be accepting new members again in January 2022 - YAY!

And we'd love to welcome you in!


Get notified of pricing & when doors will open early January 2022

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