Are you wanting to start a business doing what you love - but can't seem to figure out the best idea for you?


Then it's time to systematically work through your business ideas so you can start one that actually succeeds.

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Statistics show that over 50% of businesses fail in the first 5 years


So many new business owners just hope their idea is a good one.......but then it FLOPS.


Don't let this be YOU.

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Here's what's going wrong....

  1. Many say they want to start a business - and never do - because they are scared and don't know if their business idea will actually work
  2. Others start their business BEFORE doing any type of research or validating their idea and they end up not enjoying it, losing money or having to close the business before they ever really get going. 

Furthermore, most have no idea how to approach the business idea validation process.



👉Is this you too?

  • You want to make money doing something you love ♥︎
  • You want to start a business but don't know which direction to take it
  • You in your heart you are meant for something more meaningful than what you are doing today.
  • You know they want to make this world a better place through your new business
  • You want to create something special to call your own
  • But, you don't know exactly how your strengths/skills/passions can be transformed into a money-making business

It's time to figure out the Best Business Idea for YOU!




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This workshop is a self-paced discovery process to help you transform what you know & love into viable business options you could start asap!


👏The Best Business Idea Workshop will take you through a SYSTEMATIC PROCESS to:

  • Learn more about yourself & what makes you tick
  • Dig deep into your passions & strengths
  • Understand how others perceive your unique strengths
  • Understand ways you can make money online
  • Discover what business models resonate most with you most AND that fit your current life situation
  • Generate a list of potential business ideas 
  • Work through ideas & narrow them down
  • Delve deep into your top potential ideas and opportunities
  • Understand how your products/services could fit into current marketplace
  • Intelligently research & validate your ideas
  • Narrow down to the top 1-2 ideas that could make you money AND that you would love to do
  • Start seeing the impact you can make on others' lives through your business
  • Find that perfect idea that leverages your unique skills, passions & strengths
  • Feel confident and excited when you see those top ideas so you can actually MOVE FORWARD and start your DREAM BUSINESS!

Yes, this can happen for YOU! 

Best Business Idea Workshop



  • Immediate online access 
  • Binge the modules at once or work at your own pace
  • Finally know the best business idea/s for YOU!
  • Lifetime Access
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  • Best Business Idea workshop included
  • PLUS a 45-minute personal session with Kimberly to talk through your ideas & figure out what structure is best for you - and that has the best money-making potential
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😍Here's what she said:


"I loved this course! Kimberly is thorough and starts from the beginning with you first of all getting to know and understand yourself and your motivations, which is so important into delving into what business idea suits you best. Personally I have a million business ideas and think they are ALL awesome but after going through her self-discovery process I was able to see things in a different light…things that just sound fun but most likely don’t suit my goals and/or personality/desires. I hope if you are beginning to dream of a new endeavor that you seriously give this course a go. Kimberly shoots straight, is fun to learn from and has the experience and professional success to back it all up."

Amy McCauley

🥰And her too:

"I feel so empowered and ready to make serious strides in my business. Light bulbs went off many times throughout the program making it easier for me to really hone in on what my focus should be and where I need to put more of my attention. I am excited to keep working with Kimberly in the future!"

Sarah Hilton

Aren't you ready to know the best business idea for you - so you can start making money doing what you love? ♥︎


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