🥳So, You Have Many Business Ideas....right?





It's time to systematically WORK THROUGH YOUR IDEAS & VALIDATE THE BEST BUSINESS IDEA FOR YOU so you can finally get started already!



so you can finally KNOW which business you should start!

Forget driving yourself crazy trying to figure out what business you should start! Finally, figure out the business idea perfect for you AND your life with the Best Business Idea Workshop + Workbook!

helps you to figure out your best business idea so that you can stop driving yourself crazy with all your ideas & finally have clear direction for starting your dream business already.

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❤️Finally have a career that truly fulfills you

❤️Finally have the personal freedom you desire by being your own boss

❤️Pick an idea that is a perfect combo of your passions & skills

❤️Make a difference in others' lives' through your business

❤️Make money doing what you love!




❌Waste any more time trying to narrow down all of your business ideas

❌Waste any more energy researching & trying to figure out the best one for you

❌Wondering if your idea is actually a good business idea

❌Wondering what you are truly meant to be offering the world through your business

❌Waste any more time or energy DREAMING and actually have one you could start soon!


AND You don't know:



💡How your strengths, aptitudes & personality all fits together to figure out a good business idea

📝How your passions & skills could actually be turned into a product or service offering that would make money

✍️How to narrow down your many ideas and pick a good one

📣 How to actually validate & find the very best one with the highest chance of success!




 If this sounds familiar

and all you want is a clear, proven process, for discovering the best business idea for you that fits your life & who you actually are without starting a business that turns into another job......

Then this is for you.



🥳Introducing The.....

YES! I want the workshop & workbook for only $37 NOW!



⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️BONUS #1: 125 Business Ideas - oh yes, get the list so you can see if any light you up too!


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ BONUS #2: Get access to my online VALIDATOR tool - yes, it's a Google Spreadsheet you can use that automatically tabulates your rating totals so you can quickly see the top, best ideas for you! This will be so handy & save you so much time!






Discover YOU


✨ Unveil your true passions, skills & strengths

✨ Discover the real meaning behind wanting to start a business

✨Discover more about your personality & how that plays into you best idea





Discover Ways You Can MAKE MONEY


✨ Learn the ways you can offer your products/services

✨ Learn business models that could work for you

✨ Start generating ideas that actually excited you



Narrow Down All Your Ideas & VALIDATE Your BEST ONE!


✨ Work through & rate your ideas

✨ Evaluate what other businesses in your industry are offering

✨ Use the validation system included to rate & score your best ideas to reveal the top 1-2 for you!


Hi Friends, Kimberly here :)

I've been running my own fulfilling & impactful businesses for 23 years. 


❤️Yes, they've given me personal freedom to schedule my life the way I want to.....which I know YOU DESIRE TOO


❤️Yes, they've allowed me to make lots of money doing what I love...which I know YOU DESIRE TOO


❤️Yes, they've allowed me to use my God-given gifts to make a difference in this world....which I know you DESIRE TO



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After the past 3 years of helping hundreds of women start their own businesses, I realized that finding an actually good business idea can be one of the hardest parts for people like you.


I don't want to see you stalling or struggling to narrow down your ideas. After all, you have a vision for your life and you want to build a career you love, and even starting a business on the side could be so fulfilling & rewarding, and I want to get you there sooner than later!

The main reason aspiring business owners like you buy this workbook is that they are ready for

a more fulfilling & impactful career.


They are like you. Even more like you than you think. Many are tired of working for someone else and would love to have the freedom of time. Some have part-time jobs now, some have full-time ones, and some even are not working right now. 

But you all want the same thing: to use the passions & skills you already have and turn that into income. Yes, you all want to make money doing what you love. 

And, you're in the right place. This workbook will help you wrangle your passions, skills & personality to figure out those business ideas that would be perfect for you so you can start your business now or very soon!


I couldn't be more excited for YOU COMMITTING TO THE FUTURE YOU!


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