👋Hello Business Owners


🎤Your Podcast is About To Get Real!


🥳Discover the proven steps & strategies for EASILY launching your podcast in the next 30 days so you can start IMPACTING the world & GROWING your business!

 👋Hello Business Owners


🎤Your Podcast is About To Get Real!


🥳Discover the proven steps & strategies for EASILY launching your podcast in the next 30 days so you can start IMPACTING the world & GROWING your business!


I think we can both agree:


If you want to grow your audience & business online,

you need to build your authority & a truly connected audience.

But sadly,

many business owners struggle with how best to build their authority AND build a truly connected audience.



😩Many struggle WITH SOCIAL MEDIA

They try to build a following on social media - but many times it feels like just "likes" or "followers"...but not really TRULY CONNECTED people. They spend hours upon hours creating a bazillion posts for Instagram or TikTok, etc - but the "algorithm" is not reliable. So it's FRUSTRATING trying to build a truly connected audience - and hard to build authority if no one is watching.


😩Many struggle with CREATING VIDEOS for YOUTUBE or SOCIAL

They try creating videos regularly, for social or even YouTube,  but it becomes a big pain to get dressed up & have the camera setup & props looking great, and it is exhausting. Not to mention the editing - that's a WHOLE OTHER time suck. So video is HARD.


😩Many struggle with GROWING LOCALLY

They showing up locally to speak at small & big events, but many aren't really prepared to do public speaking & hunting down events to speak is daunting. So it's slow building a truly connected audience.


Do you struggle with any of these methods too?

So my question for you is:



How the heck do you expect to build your authority AND a truly connected audience, if you don't have a RELIABLE & EASY way to do so?




I started my podcast end of 2019 with 0 fans, 0 sales & 0 public speaking experience. 


It quickly grew to the top 1% worldwide. 

Listeners tell me they love the podcast. They say they often binge episodes. And they tell me it has changed their lives.

And it brings me leads and/or sales EVERY SINGLE DAY.


PODCASTING is the MOST EFFECTIVE way to MASSIVELY build your audience & EASILY impact the world!








so you can massively grow your audience & easily impact the world!





 🎤For business owners ready to start podasting!


YES, It's Time Your

Voice Starts



Discover how to QUICKLY

launch a podcast that EASILY 

& CONSISTENTLY grows your business 


already having a big audience or spending a ton of money to get this rolling!




You're about to learn the A to Z system for launching your podcast, creating connection with your right people & growing your business because of it! 




  • just 3.5 years ago there were only 600k podcasts, now there are over 5 MILLION!
  • 1/3 of all Americans listen to podcasts - WHOAAA!
  • projected that listeners in the U.S., for example,  could increase from 75.9 million to 100 million listeners in the U.S. by 2024
  • There are now 87 million weekly podcast listeners vs 67 million Netflix subscribers
  • Daily listen time has 2x'd in the last 5 years -f rom about 30 minutes to now about 60 minutes!
  • 75% of Americans over 12 have listened to a podcast in the last month 


 These are just a few of the PROMISING STATS about Podcasting - it's not going ANYWHERE!

💕💕💕AND Podcast Listeners are WAY more LOYAL than those they follow on social media & other mediums


  • We all know social media is FILLED with distractions - and most users only look at videos/photos for a few seconds - 80% of listeners listen to all or most of every podcast episode they start!

  • Many feel social media is inauthentic and don't feel they have true connection - where as podcast listeners are LOYAL & have an average of 8 podcast shows they listen to per week. 

  •  Social media scrollers look for just a few nanoseconds lol  - whereas podcast listeners will be listening to, for example, 30 minutes of you STRAIGHT - JUST YOU! 




👏👏👏You get all the steps & strategies HANDED TO YOU!

I walk (& talk) you through EVERYTHING:


  1. 💕How to create your vision, your podcast mission & your purpose (so you are clear about what content to create & your audience knows why they should listen & binge your episodes!)
  2. 🎤What reasonably priced equipment, apps & tech so you can get set up asap (without spending a ton of money!)
  3. 🥰How to create your trailer & intro/outro & cover art (so people are hooked at the first listen!)
  4. 👏How to easily create episode ideas, show notes, descriptions & more (so you can move fast!)
  5. 💥Launching, promoting & monetizing your podcast (so you can reach more people & actually make money from this!)
  6. 🙋‍♀️Get tools & resources for editing & hiring help like editors (so you can have it sound professional & make it a quality listening experience!)
  7. 💰How to turn LISTENERS into LEADS into BUYERS- wahooo!
  8. 😘How to host guests (so you can create a variety of episodes with interesting people - and keep them coming ack for more!)


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️PLUS, you're about to get access to many more trainings LIKE:  


✅BONUS: how to start a PRIVATE podcast or even a PAID private podcast for your programs

✅BONSU: how to ensure you are actually CONNECTING to your people & creating a relationship

✅BONUS: how to analyze metrics so you can make smart decisions about your podcast & business




 YES, I PULL BACK THE CURTAINS on EVERYTHING I have done to start & grow it to a globally ranked top 1% podcast!


REMEMBER: I started with 0 followers, 0 email list, 0 fans, 0 sales - ZERO EVERYTHING & quickly turned it into a popular podcast, AND SO CAN YOU!

Who is this program specifically for?


BW is for any one who wants to start a podcast for their business or as their business. 


AND for those who want to start a podcast AUTHENTIC CONNECTION, POSITIONS YOU AS AN AUTHORITY & CONSISTENTLY GROWS your business!

Whether you sell physical products, services, coaching packages, online programs, digital products, consulting services, etc - THIS IS FOR YOU. Maybe you want to start your podcast RIGHT AWAY - I'm going to give you the tools to do that. Or maybe you want to get all the info so you can start your podcast later this year or even next year - THIS IS FOR YOU! OR...if you have even started your podcast, you're not getting traction, and you want to regroup & really take time to work through a REAL STRATEGY for how your podcast can become worth listening to AND grow your business, THEN THIS IS FOR YOU! 



💕Here's What Bootcampers Had to Say:



Jennifer Noble

Speak Honest podcast (going live soon!)

"Kimberly has been the most amazing source of information for starting my podcast! I have been wanting to start my podcast for a year & after joining, I finally have all the pieces together!"


Amanda Richardson

Where In The Park Podcast (going live soon!)

"I loved the step-by-step guidance you provide us with everything laid out and love the printables!  I would have had no idea where to start, what hardware and software to get if it wasn't for Binge-worthy, so thankful I joined!"


Kim Aguilar

In The Garden With The Southern Daisy podcast (going live soon!)

"My love for her podcast inspired me to start my own!  Her warmth, wisdom, and guidance were invaluable, turning me from a fan into a fellow podcaster. Highly recommended for anyone looking to make their podcasting dreams a reality!"


Brittany Bisset

Curd is the Word Podcast


"I didn't think it was possible to get my podcast going this quickly - but I launched and quickly got 500 listeners! So glad I decided to join this program!"



Corinne A

launching 2024

"I can't honestly say Kimberly 'walks the talk' providing the same level of enthusiasm & knowledge she does on her own podcast as she does in the Binge-worthy program!"

So what exactly is included in this self-paced bootcamp?


GREAT QUESTION - EASY TO USE & ACCESS Trainings, printables & recommendations!

Online Video Trainings Teaching EVERYTHING!

You can binge the trainings 24/7 to quickly learn & get moving!

Printables guiding you through EVERY step!

You get the FULL GUIDE of steps, tips, strategies & more!

Simple Tech & Tools Recommendations!

You get a full list of equipment & apps so you can get setup FAST!

PLUS: BEHIND THE SCENES of my podcast!

Oh yes, get all the scoop on how I've run my podcast & grown it!

🎉 PLUS: 3 more HUGE BONUSES....



Oh yes, you can attend ANY & ALL FUTURE BOOTCAMPS! No more worrying about timing to complete everything - plus you can rewatch & replay anytime! You get lifetime access to the training HUB & ALL OF THE UPDATES I EVER MAKE TO THE PROGRAM! YOU ARE IN for the life of the program - AND if I offer it LIVE like this again, you are IN at no cost!


Yes, the pricing today is the lowest I'll ever have it - so don't worry that you aren't getting the best rate! Know that the pricing will be going up soon as well, so jump in before you have to pay more later!


This means that I will get to share you, your business & podcast WITH THE WORLD through my sales page & marketing, showing off how AMAZING YOU AND YOUR PODCAST ARE!


2 Questions For You:



1. WHY WOULD YOU WAIT to start building authority & a truly connected audience? (Every day you wait you're missing out on LEADS & SALES!)



2.WHY WOULD YOU WAIT UNTIL THERE are 80 million podcasts before you actually jump in? (There's 5 million today...it's time to get it started, my friend!)





EVERY DAY that you do NOT have your podcast launched, you're missing out on LEADS, SALES & IMPACTING THE WORLD!



I can't wait to witness your AMAZING JOURNEY!