Create Your Simple & Clear Business Plan

so you can finally have a clear map for turning your business vision into business REALITY!




Congrats on Pursuing your dream - Starting Your Own Business Will Be One of The Most Awesome Things You Do!


But, trying to figure out what you need to do can be super overwhelming & confusing.

😩 You probably haven't started your business already

because you haven't had a clear & simple plan.


  • You may be spending hours trying to figure out how to start effectively
  • You may not know how to set yourself up for success
  • And you may never have created a plan because you thought they had to be super long & complicated.


Don't stall & suffer any longer not knowing how to turn your business dream into an actual business...

It's Time For A PLAN.



After all....



You've dreamed of starting a successful business doing what you love.


You yearn to make a difference in others' lives through your business.


And you can't wait for the personal freedom business ownership will bring.

Now you have a starting point - YAY!





a simple & fun way to create a plan

for kick-starting your business dream!

After the workshop,

  • You'll have mapped out the core foundational pieces that you needed to start your business effectively
  • You'll understand how to leverage your unique passions & skills so your business stands out
  • And you'll have a process for working through the products/services you want to offer

And so much more!


Who is this workshop for?

🙋‍♀️anyone turning their passions & skills into a new business


♥︎Whether you're a product or service then this is for you! This helps coaches, makers, artists, jewelers, sewists, candle-makers, body-product makers, clothing designers, consultants, fitness instructors, pet product sellers, Etsy sellers, & more! 

♥︎If you're ready to get the wheels of your business in motion, then this is for you!
♥︎And if you want to feel even more excited & motivated to pursue your dream, then this is for you!



Here's Your Process:

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  • Replay of the LIVE workshop 
  • 2 versions of the Mini Business Plan template printable - pick your favorite
  • 14 page PDF Workbook walking you through creating your plan
  • Startup Costs template shared with you from Google Docs so you can start mapping out your costs
  • BONUS 1: Product/Service offering creation templates
  • BONUS 2: Live M.O.V.E. Method replay hosted by Kimberly teaching you the simple way to grow your business
  • BONUS 3: M.O.V.E. Method printable 
  • BONUS 4: The next time I offer this workshop LIVE, you have a free ticket! (you'll get notified by email with your ticket - YAY!) 

🥳Here's What She Just Said about this Workshop.....

"I loved the workshop! It was concise but full of information and guidance. I left with more motivation than I had before and also had my Mini Business Plan written out just in time for my meeting with my CPA to discuss my plans to start my own business!"
Deanna Craig, just starting her bath tea business


😎Just imagine.....


✅ How awesome it will feel to finally have a starting point for turning your dream into an actual business.


✅ What a relief it will be to have an actual plan & map of everything you should establish so you can set yourself up for success.


✅ And, how exciting it will be to see your business vision unfold before your very eyes - wahoo!   🎉


Not to mention: How great would it be to tell friends & family you actually have a plan for turning your dream into reality!



🎉Yes, this can be you TODAY!



It's time to get that vision out of your head & onto a plan.

You're about to get:

✅ Replay of the live workshop teaching you how to create your 1-page business plan + Q&A session replay

  A 1-page business plan template that you get to map out (and yes, it's cute lol.)

✅ Strategies for each of the 9 components of your plan

✅ Business plan template, process printables, plus bonuses to help you get this done

✅  Feel relieved you actually have a plan for launching your business dream!


I can't wait to see you inside,

xoxo Kimberly


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