Easily host a FUN workshop that builds your authority & grows your business!


Whether you want to host your very own in-person or online masterclass, workshop, training or event.  And the beauty is that once you create it, you can offer it online or in-person again, again & again!



🥳Here's what you'll discover....


Why workshops are fantastic!

Oh yes, I take you through how awesome classes, trainings, events & workshops can be for your business - you'l be fired up!

Fun ways to host your workshop!

Then I share options for how you can run your workshop or class - having that creative freedom will get you so excited!

Simple steps for starting yours!

Finally, I walk you through simple steps for starting yours, plus provide some checklists to get you going - you'll see that yes this can be easy!


This power-packed workshop explains how to plan & start yours in




No complicated, overwhelming steps - this workshop will get your creative juices flowing for how you can host your very own!

Discover the SIMPLE way to start your workshop, masterclass, training, event or retreat!


👇Watch the quick video below to get the scoop:


🥳You have knowledge others would be thankful to learn from & experience!



Here's some fun ideas others are starting:

  • In-person Jam-making class
  • Live winter sowing workshop
  • Virtual yoga class + recording offered after
  • Meditation workshop
  • Math concepts class + replay
  • In-person jewelry-making class
  • Make-up lesson on Zoom
  • Christian women's retreat
  • Charcuterie board-making class in-person


👏🏼 👏🏼👏🏼There are so many AWESOME ways you can host an event, class or workshop to make a difference for people!





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When you teach, you SHINE!


OH yes, there is something so very special when you use your passions & God-given gifts to teach people something new.

Many small business owners tell me you have been dreaming of starting your own workshop, class, training, even or retreat. 

BUT, you've been confused about what it would take.

Good news: it can be VERY simple.  And done in a way that is fun for you and so helpful for your people.  :) 

Each of my workshops have been done in the most simple way possible. I come up with an idea, I create it, and then I offer it to my audience.

Now I'm pulling back the curtains to share what you need to consider & how to start your own. 

I'm so honored to be guiding you along this journey - no doubt, you're positively impacting this world with your God-given gifts!

xoxo Kimberly