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ep 164 of the She's Just Getting Started Podcast

Ep 164: Give yourself grace, for once, as you start & build your business

Dec 14, 2022

Okay people, today is all about the one thing most of you are NOT doing, which is GIVING YOURSELF GRACE.  Oh yes, as a business owner, you better give yourself grace, or you're going to totally stress yourself out. Stop stressing yourself out.

Today I go over 3 points about giving yourself grace & share some stories :
1 - Give yourself grace as you start your business. It can be hard starting a business - not to mention confusing, overwhelming, scary, and everything. Most of you have never had a business before or even gone to business school or any of that. You may have come from being a teacher, nurse or anything...and starting something new is hard, BUT AMAZING. Give yourself some grace during the starting process or you'll become a crazy person.

2 - Give yourself grace with your to-do list. Oh yes,  many of you have laundry lists of things you want to do in your business, what you want to accomplish, what bells & whistles you want to add, what new products/services to now offer, etc. The list goes on. But realize that your list is NEVERENDING. There will always be more to-dos on your list. So give yourself some grace - and be okay with living in a state of more things to get done. It's okay. (And you can hire someone to start helping you - for another convo.) 

3 - Give yourself grace because this business is not the most important thing in your life. There are more important things. Stop making this the most important thing. YES, it is a BIG part of your life...but your health, family, loved ones, etc are the most important things. So, if things don't get done in this business because you have family or health issues to tend to, then so be it. Be okay with this. Give yourself some grace with your priorities.


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