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Ep 209 - She's Just Getting Started podcast

Ep 209: You shouldn't have CONVINCE people to buy your stuff

Oct 19, 2023

In this episode, I talk to you about the word CONVINCING. So many new business owners think that they have to be CONVINCING...and really work hard to CONVINCE people to buy. In today's episode, I talk to you about the 3 things you do need to focus us so you NEVER have to convince anyone to buy your stuff.

So many new business owners tell me they find it hard to get people to buy their stuff. And they work on ways to be more convincing. And that's when I stop them & share that it shouldn't be that way. They should never have to CONVINCE. There is a way to sell your stuff -without be a pushy salesperson - YAY!

Here's the 3 things to consider which I talk through in today's episode:

1 - Get clear about who you are best suited to servce

2 - Get clear about the problems they are currently suffering

3 - Get clear about the problems the WILL encounter if they don't fix this now

I think this episode is super important - make sure you listen all the way through so you don't miss any of the points I share to help you make sales EASY!




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