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Ep 210 of the She's Just Getting Started Podcast

Ep 210: How to work less & still make the same money or MORE!

Oct 26, 2023

In today's episode, I talk you through the 3 ways you can work LESS & still make the same amount of money or MORE! So many new online business owners are doing this on the side of another job or have other massive commitments, and are drained from working so many hours setting up their businesses. It's time you see how you can streamline things so you are actually a HAPPIER business owner!

I think it is really smart to actually take an inventory of your time to see how much you are really working on anything when it comes to your business in any given day. Just keep out a piece of paper or open your notes app on your phone. You will probably be surprised about how much work on your business - and that there are things you can do now to to stop working so much, and still make the same money or MORE!

I talk you through:

1 - AUTOMATING things in your business. You'll be shocked at all of the little things you can do to make things more efficient and save you from wasting time on things that can be done for you...but also so you are not scatterbrained trying to remember all the things you need to be doing in a given day.

2 - Yes, you can HIRE. There are probably people in your life you could hire NOW. Could it be a child? Neice or nephew? Parent? Sister-in-law (like I did :)) Or you can find someone you do not know on Upwork or Fiverr. But also, do not overlook helpers for your HOME - like even getting a babysitter that can help keep kids at bay while you work.

3 - CHOOSE to simplify everything. So many new online business owners keep making things complicated and adding all sorts of bells & whistles like fancy apps & software that makes things WAYYYYY more time consuming to run your business. You have to make a CONSCIOUS decision to keep things easy on yourself. Don't choose difficult.

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