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Ep 214 She's Just Getting Started Podcast

Ep 214: How to sell WITHOUT selling.

Nov 23, 2023
 In today's episode, I talk you through how you can SELL your products & services without being an annoying salesperson.
I know none of you want to be icky, slimy, annoying salespeople, right?
Of course, you don't.
But you've probably been on the receiving end of someone being icky, slimy or annoying...and so you know with your business you NEVER want to be this way.
Today I share a VERY important point about how you sell without actually having to be SELLING.
And it's simple.

Because here is what a lot of new business owners do wrong: They start sharing about their product or service either through email, or social media or in person at a booth.....which is amazing...but when they do share, they are starting with FEATURES. Features are great - and that's what makes your product or service YOUR product or service.

But the better way to start the conversation is by putting things in CONTEXT.  You need to CALL OUT who it's for or the problems they may be struggling with.  For example, "Are you looking for a gift for the meat-lover in your life?" "Are you needing unique gifts for your grandkids?" "Are you struggling to start your business?" "Are you tired of knives that just aren't sharp?" - THEN after you get the conversation going, you can share FEATURES. 
Now, this may sound a little confusing as you are reading this - so make sure you actually listen to this episode, as I share stories & examples that will help make more sense of this.
But again, the gist is this: don't lead with features. Put your products/services into context to get their attention & get them thinking - THEN share features. 

That's how you begin to sell WITHOUT selling :) 

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