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Episode 215 of the She's Just Getting Started podcast

Ep 215: 3 Steps to escape the Marketing Matrix

Nov 30, 2023

So many new business owners tell me that marketing is one of their biggest struggles. And it feels like this complicated matrix they can't figure out. Today I talk you through how to ESCAPE the marketing matrix so you can confidently go out & promote your new business.

Here's the truth: marketing gets new business owners down. They are stressed about it. They don't know what to share on social & everywhere. They don't know what to focus on. They don't know what platforms they should & shouldn't be on. And they try to be everywhere all the time. THIS IS NOT GOOD for a new business owner - it will stress you out & suck your time.


I go over the 3 steps & share some stories to help you:
1 - Keep things simple.  Develop a marketing strategy that feels easy & authentic to you.
2 - Whatever you are doing to promote your business, POSITION yourself as the expert. This takes away all the stress of you having to chase every trend & strategy & tactic to get eyeballs on your business. Step back & ask yourself what you could do to position your brand or yourself as the expert in your field. THIS will give you creative ideas for how to share what you want to share - instead of trying to do what everyone else is doing.

Listen today as I give you some great examples & help you keep things simple + position yourself as an expert so you can EASILY market & promote your products, services & programs.

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