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Ep 216 - She's Just Getting Started podcast

Ep 216: How to think like a CEO, not a new business owner.

Dec 07, 2023

In today's episode, I talk about the mindset of a new business owner vs a CEO. What many new business owners don't realize is that they get STUCK in new business owner mode, which causes them to remain STUCK in the weeds & never get into the mindset of a CEO. And yes, there's a big difference. 

If you want to rise to the level you know you are capable of with this business, you MUST start thinking like a CEO. In fact, in Grow-Getters I teach you how to do this so you can effectively grow your business & live a life you love!

Here's some of the differences I go over in this episode:


New business owner:

  • new to business - trying to learn - like drinking through a firehose
  • work many hours with low pay lol
  • stuck in the weeds
  • let emotions get in the way
  • many not thinking BIG
  • many not outsourcing
  • people pleasing every customer
  • many suffer price drama (scared to price their products or services for what they are worth)



  • have experience doing this so don't have as much a learning curve with a new CEO job
  • get paid a lot for all the stress of being a CEO
  • keeps emotions out
  • things of the BIG picture
  • strategic
  • outsources what is not core competency 
  • boundaries on what you offer
  • pricing strategically to not only charge what the product is worth but to profit - OF COURSE!

    I give many more examples and hope you will listen. I think it will change YOUR THINKING about how YOU THINK about your business. Yes, it's time to think BIGGER! Come check out Grow-Getters if you would love support & community along your journey so you don't feel alone and can get moving WAY MORE EFFECTIVELY!



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