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Ep 217: Is starting a podcast right for you & your business?

Ep 217: Is starting a PODCAST right for you & your business?

Dec 14, 2023

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In today's episode,  I talk you through starting a podcast so you can decide once & for all if podcasting is right for you & your business.

I talk you through the POSITIVE outlook of podcasting in 2024, and some really cool stats that will surely excite you about the momentum of podcasts!

I then take you through other options you have for showing up regularly & getting visibility - and SPOILER ALERT: Podcasting is the MOST EFFECTIVE way to build your authority & a truly connected audience.

Then I also share what podcasting has meant to me - and what it's done my life & my business :) Ya'll know I'm a HUGE fan - and for any of you on the fence about podcasting, I know this episode will FIRE YOU UP!

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