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Ep 219: How to know when to pivot your business.

Ep 219: How to know it's time to PIVOT your business.

Dec 28, 2023

Did you know that almost 92% of all businesses have pivoted in some way? So don't feel like you're alone if you feel the need to pivot. Today I share with you some tips for determining if it's time to make some changes and pivot your business in some way too!

Today I talk you through these questions to ask yourself before pivoting your business?

1. Is the market changing?

2. Is the competitive landscape changing?

3. Are my products/services not selling - or not selling like they used to?

4. Have you lost your passion and/or purpose for this business?

5. Is there a more exciting/greater opportunity before me?

Then I go into the 3 steps for actually pivoting your business if you're ready to do so!

I hope you realize too that pivoting your business is a GREAT THING! It means you are taking action, doing what you can to make this work - and had an ah-ha moment that for whatever reason you need to shift. This can be MORE MONEY SOON!


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