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Ep 230: She's Just Getting Started Podcast

Ep 230: How to run your business when health issues arise.

Mar 14, 2024
 It's inevitable, there will be times when you have health issues, whether it be Covid, the Flu, having a baby, dealing with chronic health issues, etc. In today's episode, I talk to new business owners about how to run your business when experiencing health issues.

You'll hear my personal stories about when I had my 3rd child & how I dealt with that. Then also while I have had these mysterious ongoing health issues for 2 years...

1. Don't be afraid to tell your customers & clients so they know what's going on. They will give you grace!

2. Go ahead and start organizing tasks & creating workflows so if someone needs to jump in, they can easily help.

3. Hire in extra help during those times. 

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