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Ep 165: The She's Just Getting Started podcast

Ep 165: Have fun, but take your business seriously.

Dec 15, 2022

In today's episode, I share how you need to take your business seriously. So many new business owners are having fun starting & just believing their idea is just something little, but what they don't realize is that certain stages must be taken seriously if you really want this to work.  I think many of you don't realize the potential your business can have. 

So stop just winging it. Don't just throw spaghetti at the wall. It's time really give your business due diligence.

Today I walk you through 3 stages that you need your business seriously. 

1. In the idea stage: you must do your homework. You must figure out a business idea that you actually love, but that can also make money. It's imperative. You don't want to have to start all over after starting because you simply didn't take your business idea stage seriously. (And yes, I have a WHOLE workshop & guide that you can use right now to figure out the best business idea for you - one that you'll love & will make money! https://www.kimberlybrock.com/start and you can jump in for only $7 -wahoo!)

2. In the starting stage: you must start simply & effectively. So many of you just willy-nilly start, researching & trying to piece things together, without any real strategic plan for starting. You don't want to waste money on things you don't need right now. And you don't want to waste energy doing things that do not matter right now. (Yes, I have all the steps, strategies & tools LAID OUT for you so you can start your business effectively. No doing things that don't matter. YES, you can set yourself up for success. https://www.kimberlybrock.com/start - and you can jump in today for only $7.)

3. In the growth stage: YES, you must take how you are going to actually grow this business very seriously. You must have a plan for how you will market your business effectively. Yes, you must get good at sharing your business & turn strangers into buyers. (Oh yes, I have a group coaching program that provides you a SIMPLE & FUN way to approach how you will market & grow your fabulous new business here https://www.kimberlybrock.com/grow-getters

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