3 Big reason why many are not confident or "proud" of your business & how to change that asap!

In today's episode, I discuss how you share your business with others - and how you want to feel confident & proud of what you are doing - right? But I meet so many that talk about their business and don't seem totally proud of it.  Many of you find yourselves hesitating when talking about it or sharing it with others - for a number of reasons.

Today I delve into 3 big reasons why some business owners aren't fully proud of their business and how you can overcome those.

After all, you should be proud of what you have created. You should be proud of this awesome business and everything you have put into it! And yes, you should be proud of how you can better people's lives!

I hope you will listen today and think this through and how you can make sure you can confidently speak about your business and share it with others!

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Perfectionism could be killing your vibe - and your online business.


Are you one of those business owners trying create the perfect program, products, website, digital products or whatever it is you are offering? If so...take heed, it could be causing you and business precious customers, time & money. 

Yes, perfectionism could be killing your vibe and hurting your business.e & money?

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Get your business STARTED already!


There is no better time than now to get your business started!

1 - EVERYONE is online! Yes, your business can be seen and known so easily!

2 - It is so CHEAP to get your business online right now - for real! You do not have to spend thousands yet to get your business creating income. You can begin a Facebook page or group and simply start selling there. Or you could open an Etsy store - or even have your own website like I do - on Squarespace, which is only about $25 a month. So, no more excuse that it is expensive to start your business.

3 - Remember that every day you stall, you are depriving the world of what you have to offer. Yes, you have unique strengths, knowledge, experience, and creative passions that the world needs.

I’m so excited for you to get your business going and can’t wait to see you get started!

Trying to figure out what business YOU should start? Here's a way to figure it out: ...

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Stop comparing your business all the time - it's stealing your joy!



Have you ever felt like your business is less-than compared to other businesses you see around you? Do you feel like you don't quite measure up & find yourself wondering how you are ever going to be as successful as "they" are? Have you noticed that it's lowering your self-confidence?

Then it’s time to get a grip and stop comparing yourself to others - it’s doing you no good! You don’t realize how much you are probably subconsciously comparing your business on a daily basis.

We all know the effects of how social media causes anxiety with teenagers. I’m a parent - and if you are too then it’s a big topic I’m sure you have had to cover with your kiddos. Science has proven what constant comparison can do to your brain and how it can negatively affect the kids.

The same goes for you and your business too. Here’s the big ways it’s affecting you and may not even know it:

1 - It steals your...

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A target marketing lesson made obvious by a Peleton in the hotel gym.



Yes, the Peloton bike in the gym at a Westin made a very clear business lesson for all of us. It was obvious how no brand can be for everyone. You must be speaking to YOUR PEOPLE, the people who will most likely buy what you are offering.

*real quick: I mentioned in the episode I now have 1 page on my site with all the FREE downloads from various episodes- YAY! CHECK OUT MY FREE BUSINESS TOOLS!

So this is what happened:

I went to workout in the gym at a Westin hotel in Houston. (I had previously been in Chicago at a Westin and they had 4 Peloton bikes in the gym, and that is where I first rode on one. I loved it and was hooked!)

So when I went to the gym that morning, I was shocked seeing like 11 people in there - which normally in hotel gyms I’m with just a few people, or even by myself. And, I was super excited to see that the Peloton was not taken and I got to ride immediately!

I hopped on the...

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Change your perspective, change your experience, change everything!

Are you a back-row person? Meaning, when you go to church, a class, event, seminar, where do you sit? I guess a better question would be: Where do you choose to sit? 

Check out this funny diagram of where people sit - and what they are subconsciously saying by choosing those seats. It will make you laugh!

(I immediately pinned my husband's seat because, of course, I had to point fingers at someone else first LOL. )

In this quick I episode I describe where I sat at church one day, which was different than where I normally sat. And it changed my experience completely. 

I want you to consider where YOU normally sit in life, and business. Are you experiencing all there is to experience? Are you focused? Are you connected? Are you truly learning, enjoying & growing from your experiences?

Take time to listen to this episode...I believe it will make you take pause, and think.

I hope you will stop yourself today and tell your self to move up. Move forward. Get to the...

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Your business, your way!


I'm so excited about today's guest, Nicole Brooks....and yes, she's my sister. She is one amazing woman that I so proud to introduce you to!

Ever since Nicole was young, she said she wanted to be an actress - and sure enough, she did it! I have lived vicariously through her over past years as she is an actress and has had the fun of working with what we all call "famous people" - and I have even gotten to visit her on sets when it was all happening. She was on the sitcom Hope & Faith (with Kelly Rippa), CSI, One On One, Pasadena, the Hallmark movie "Undercover Bridesmaid" - and has even done live plays. It has been so fascinating watching someone with a dream turn it into reality!

In addition, Nicole is an entrepreneur. Yes, she started her own business designing meaningful jewelry. Her online store is Naomi Gray Designs - and you can see all of her thoughtful, stylish and gorgeous necklaces, bracelets and more. Her pieces are absolutely gorgeous - I own many pieces -...

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