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Ep 10: Change your perspective, change your experience, change everything!

Dec 26, 2019

Are you a back-row person? Meaning, when you go to church, a class, event, seminar, where do you sit? I guess a better question would be: Where do you choose to sit?  

Check out this funny diagram of where people sit - and what they are subconsciously saying by choosing those seats. It will make you laugh!

(I immediately pinned my husband's seat because, of course, I had to point fingers at someone else first LOL. )

In this quick I episode I describe where I sat at church one day, which was different than where I normally sat. And it changed my experience completely. 

I want you to consider where YOU normally sit in life, and business. Are you experiencing all there is to experience? Are you focused? Are you connected? Are you truly learning, enjoying & growing from your experiences?

Take time to listen to this episode...I believe it will make you take pause, and think.

I hope you will stop yourself today and tell your self to move up. Move forward. Get to the front. It changes everything.


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