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Ep 205 She's Just Getting Started Podcast

Ep 205: Doing Random Stuff = Getting Random Sales

Sep 21, 2023

Are you just constantly working randomly on your business - with no real focus? Realize that you doing this is most likely causing random sales. You need to have a plan of focus so you can bring in CONSISTENT leads & sales.

Today I walk you through 3 areas you are doing stuff randomly which is hurting you getting those consistent leads & sales. 

1. Random work. You're just doing random stuff that has no real rhyme or reason. You aren't focused on what matters to actually grow your business & find yourself doing things that do NOT matter like tweaking your logo, reworking your About me page, researching more stuff  - granted, those things can be good. But most likely you're spending wayyyy too much time on them & not doing work that's bringing in leads or sales.

2. Random appearances. You're showing up places -which is awesome, but you're probably showing up on social once then showing up locally then showing up somehow on a live. But there's no real consistency or method to your madness. So, make sure you are showing up in a way where you can remain top of mind...otherwise people forget about you, and then you can't generate consistent leads & sales.

3. Random words. This is the big one - many of you keep using different words all the time to share what you do & the value of what you offer. You need to use the same phrases all the time so that a consistent message is drilled in everyone's head. We don't want anyone to forget what you do ...and we want them to REFER you. But many of you keep sharing different words & phrases and it's not exactly clear what you're offering or how they can buy.

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