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Ep 206 of the She's Just Getting Started podcast

Ep 206: Stop negatively judging your own business.

Sep 28, 2023

In today's episode, I share with you how your negative thoughts about your business are hurting your business. You may not even realize you're doing this - and today I want to stop you from this bad habit. 

I share three main points today:

1. Realize when you are doing this and stop yourself. This is easier said than done, I know. But the next time you feel some negativity, or feel less than, or that you are not successful, etc - then stop yourself at that moment & REALIZE at this moment that you are being negative and you have the ability to stop.   You need to start taking emotions out of things and things pragmatically ie logically about your business. Look at it as if you were someone else looking at this person's business...what would you tell him/her about the business? 

2. Realize that when you are being negative...you are bringing a negative ENERGY ...which is a breeding ground for self-doubt. How could you be positive and work with a good mental attitude if all you are surrounded with is your own negative energy?

3. Realize that the negativity is actually stifling your creativity. It's not allowing you to freely run your business your way.   You're measuring your business against an ideal of someone else's business. You don't have to do whatever everyone is doing or expecting. You get to be FREED from this - and run your business your way!

Make sure you listen today so you can stop the cycle of negatively judging your own business - when in reality it's AMAZING!

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