Ep 82: 3 People you need to show up for right now as you start & grow your business

business mindset tips growing a business starting a business May 13, 2021

In today's episode, I share the fact that you need to SHOW UP. Yes, you need to show up and get your business up and growing. Why? Because 3 people need you right now.

So many new business owners sit heavy with the pressure of starting a business and get started to take steps. Some are super scared about taking steps. Others are reluctant to share what they do with the world for fear others won't like it.

If this is you, you're not alone.

But here's the thing: You need to show up.

You need to be present. You need to take steps. You need to get this going so you can make the difference you were made to make! Yes, God gifted you with unique skills - it's time you be courageous enough to share them with the world and make a difference in others' lives through your business!

Here are the 3 people you need to show up for right now:

1 - YOU. Yes, you need to show up for you. God has given you gifts that YOU KNOW you have and you KNOW you want this business. So, it's time to show up for YOU. You can do this! No one is 100% confident when they start a business  - they take action to gain that confidence.

2 - The people who know you are WAITING to cheer you on! They know you have this gift and they are rooting for you - plus they need you to be the one that pursues your dream. I can tell you now: you are inspiring others by taking these courageous steps AND you are showing them that yes, they too can follow their dreams. You are setting such an example and people want to support you!

3 - Your future clients NEED you to show up now! They need you to develop yourself, get this business together and share with them what you offer. Do you realize people are waiting to hear from you? They are yearning to find someone like you who makes products or offers the services you offer. They simply need to find out about you. So, you need to show up FOR THEM.

I hope you realize the importance of making your business happen so that others can experience what you offer :) Focus on results and you can make your business dream a reality :)  It's time to SHOW UP.

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