Ep 66: 3 Steps For Starting A Business That Stands Out

Jan 21, 2021

In today's episode, I share with you the 3 steps for exiting the business rat race, creating your own lane, and thus standing out. 

So many new business owners get caught up in trying to make their business be like everyone else's.  And, you must stop if this is you. There is a way to get out of that race and truly find that special way you want your business to be. Don't get swayed by what everyone else is telling you to do - listen to yourself. Because ultimately: you are the one that has to run this business for years to come. If you don't enjoy it and/or don't feel comfortable with the angle/direction of your business, then it simply will fail. 

So here are the 3 steps for starting & building a business that stands out:

1. Be different. Yes, it's true - you need to make sure you are not just one of 20 of the same exact business.You should not be copying what all of the "experts" are doing and should not be easily sucked into the latest fads/crazesYou need something that's special that stands out. What enhancements can you make to the products or services you offer so that when people are looking for that experience, they think of you. I share an example of my online gift boutique that sold fan gear for kids.  I wasn't just another fan gear site - I offered gift wrap, gift note and it was a "boutique" feel & experience vs some cold big company online. It worked well for almost 16 years! :) 


2. Be the expert. You should be the one they think of when they are in need of the types of products/services that you offer. Go all in on knowing everything about the market you serve. Know their language. Know the words they use. Know what they really want. Know everything about your products & serves. While they are doing business with you give suggestions, teach them something, give them ideas...let them know that they are in good hands and in the right place for what they want. Then when they have a friend/family member that asks if you know anyone that sells xyz, they will immediately think of you! Don't try to be great at a million things, be awesome at one specific thing. It works.


3. Be authentic. This is the best part - you have the freedom to be you. You have the freedom to build a business about your best skills, passions, dreams, etc. . Stick with who you really are. Let me people know your beliefs - let them know you. And be ready, some people won't want to stick with you because you believe differently. That's okay - you are drawing in the people who value the same things you do. That's who you want to do business with. Be inclusive, of course, but don't be afraid to be vulnerable and let people know what you and your business really think is important. It goes a long way - and people/clients will stick with you for years to come.


Remember: people will value you/your business more if you are authentic, different & know your stuff :)  I'm so excited that you are taking steps to STAND OUT and not be like everyone else!

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