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Episode 54: 3 Surefire ways to NOT get clients & customers....

Oct 29, 2020

So many of you ask me "How do I get more clients?".... "How do I get more customers?"... "I need to find clients."


Today I share the 3 surefire ways NOT to get clients. 

1.  Not being known. Yes, it's true - if no one knows about your business or what you offer, then you will not get clients. Just because you build it does not mean they will come. Instead of sitting back and being sad that no one is buying, get out of a sheet of paper, and make 2 columns. On left, put all the ways right now people may know about your business. On the right, put the ways you NEED to make this known. What are the things you can do to make your business and offers more visible? And, no, I'm talking about paid ways right now. I'm simply talking about the free ways people right now may hear or see info about your business. 

2. Not giving off good energy. There are so many of you that are not confident when you share about your business. And some are sadly being too aggressive. I share some stories regarding ways that people share about their business that are super annoying and I would never want you to be one of those people. It will turn off potential clients and you'll never get their business.  Don't be aggressive and need and graspy.

3. Not inspiring people into action. How you share about your products and services can motivate people to buy. If you share your experience with the product, many times that testimony actually does sell it. (Yes, you must be a product of your product.) You need to be passionately sharing about the benefits and awesomeness of your products & services and others will be excited too!



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