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Ep 93: 3 Traits every new business owner must have...

building a business growing a business starting a business Jul 29, 2021
 Today I share with you 3 traits you need to have as you start & grow your new business.

The fact is that everyone is not meant to be a business owner. 


1 - You must be resourceful. Yes, you must be able to take what you already have and maximizes it's potential. What do I mean by this? Well, so many complain they don't have enough time or money or fame or experience to be successful. But the truth is this: Whatever you have can be use effectively to build and grow your business. There have been so many others in worse situations that have built huge businesses & companies.  You have to be able to leverage the skills you have, the people you already know, and the opportunities before you to create what you can for this business. Yes, you must be resourceful so you don't have to spend millions to get this business going.  For example, I offer free resources for people like you. And, I offer paid services that will save you so MUCH TIME. Don't overspend, but definitely utilize the free resources around you (like the is podcast) but also via paid methods that can give you so much clarity & direction!  

*I referenced that Tony Robbins talks about this - here is a quick video if you are interested in hearing it:


2 - You need good relationship skills. You need this to attract people but also with how you deal with clients & customers.  It takes good relationships to keep customers coming back and with how to deal with issues when they arise. You have to be a reasonable human LOL. And remember: People buy from people. They love to support people who value the same things they do.  You also want them (and need them) to recommend you to people you know. 


3 - You need to have a deep desire to help people.  You have to want to make peoples' lives better, feel better, look better, achieve goals, save them time, etc.  You have to have this deep desire as your customers will feel it and will stick around. And, if you have a desire to help people doing what you do, you will so love your business and enjoy this as a fulfilling career :) 


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