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She's Just Getting Started Podcast - Kimberly Brock - Checks & Balances E73

Ep 73: 3 Types of checks & balance new business owners must put in place

Mar 11, 2021
I'm going to let you in on something real quick: you will make mistakes in your business. Honest mistakes. Mistakes you wish you didn't make. 
And with that, you need to make sure you have measures in place to lessen the impact of the mistakes or errors or issues that come about.
Here are 3 types of checks & balances that you need to put in place.
1 - Numbers/Financials - we all know you need to make sure you are taking care of your books (expenses, revenues, taxes, etc.) You need to make sure you are aware of the money that is flowing in and out and have a system for double-checking everything. It seems like a  no-brainer, but many overlook this key checks & balance system.
2 - Systems/Processes - everything you do on a daily/weekly/monthly basis needs to have a flow and plan. This way you don't make errors.  How you package your goods, how you send emails, how you upload podcast episodes - do you have measures in place to double-check everything? 
3 - Thoughts - yes, you need to put measures in place to make sure your thoughts don't get the bet of you. You can be negatively affected by everything from bad reviews to mistakes you make to what your competition is doing better than you. You can not let that get you down - you have to focus on how you are serving others. The minute you take your sight off of them, you can lose your way. And you don't want that - you have a difference to make!
Listen to the full episode for more insights!


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