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Ep 101: 4 Reasons why your customers aren't buying from you....

Sep 23, 2021

Ever wonder why some customers don't buy? Do you get sad thinking your product or service stinks, or it was something you said wrong, or that they simply didn't like you?

Well, today, let's discuss how you handle "the no" - meaning: the times that people don't buy. And so, I want to lift you up and make you see that there are many legit reasons why people don't buy from you.

Here's the deal: you can't take it personally when people don't buy ...because often it's not something you personally did to cause them to not buy. (Obviously, some owners may not have the best people skills, but I know that you are all nice people, right?)

Here are the 4 reasons:

1 - Your products/services are simply not what they need.  For example, you may sell maternity wear and you meet a customer who is 50 years old and will never need maternity wear from here on out. That's why they are not buying. Don't be sad about it: be real about it :)  But you still want to make a good impression because they may have a daughter or know someone pregnant and could refer you :) 


2. Your products/services are not needed RIGHT NOW. 

Think about if you sell baby gifts...some people aren't going to buy because they don't have the need for baby gifts right now because they have no babies in their life right now. But the good news is that you can still make a good impression so that they remember how awesome you were - because you never know, a baby may appear in their life soon LOL.


3. Your price isn't for them.

This one is debatable, I know. BUT, I think some of you may offer something that is really high end and it's simply not for some people. If you sell high-end bags that are $4000 each, not every client is going to value a bag enough to spend that much. You can't be offended if they say it's too expensive: they simply aren't the right client for you. Because there are people that totally value high-end, luxury items and will pay that.  It can also go in the reverse as well. If you are really low priced they may not value what you have, and that's okay because your clients are those that appreciate low-priced things. Does that make sense? You are trying to find your people that value your price. 

4. They didn't understand the true value of what you offer. You really have to focus on the difference your product/service makes. They have to understand how their life will be better because of what of you offer.  Remember that you helping them experience a transformation (no matter how small) like saving them time, feel better, look better, become happier, more fulfilled, etc... Always make sure you are communicating this. 

Remember that everyone may not understand the value you bring, so make sure you are sharing it all the time!




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