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Ep 99: 4 Things to consider when you feel burned out.....

Sep 09, 2021

We all love our businesses, right? But every now and then, you may feel like you are burned out or simply need a break. Today I share with you 4 things to consider so you can move forward effectively.

1. Give yourself grace. I share how you can just let this be and accept the fact that you DO need a break every now and then. You shouldn't expect yourself to be on 100% of the time, because you won't be. You love this business of course, but there will be days that you just aren't feeling it, so give yourself grace.

2. Get some sleep. Yes, this one is for real. Maybe you simply need a nap. Or need a good nights' sleep. You'll be amazed at what rest can do. Go lay outside on your porch, or lay on the couch or grab your favorite book and enjoy. Go ahead - get some sleep :) 

 3. Take the day off. Or, take one off very soon. We all need days off - that's why God gave us Saturdays & Sundays LOL. But seriously - see if you can stop for the day. Do you need anyone to fil-in for you? Or maybe take off tomorrow? Figure a way to take the rest of day or a day soon to rest - I'm telling you, it does wonders!

 4. What really is bothering you or dragging you down ? If it's not any of the above reasons LOL, then consider what you can outsource & get help with. We all end up needing some type of help in our business. I have had to outsource things and never regret it.  Your goal is to be working in your zone of genius most of the time. If something really takes you forever to complete or is annoying you, start figuring out a way to outsource. 



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