Ep 78: 7 Reasons why you can & will be an awesome business owner!

how to start a business new business owner starting a business Apr 15, 2021
She's Just Getting Started - Episode 77 - 7 reasons why you'll be an awesome business owner

As we all know, not everyone is meant to be a business owner. So, in today's episode, I share 7 reasons why YOU, yes YOU, will be, or already are, an awesome business owner!

There are many attributes it takes to be a good business owner. A ton. But today I'm just sharing 7 because these are fun and true - and they are legit 7 reasons why you are going to be awesome at this!

1 - You have a vision for this business. No, you may not be able to see it clearly, but you know you want to turn something you know or love into a business. You have this dream and you have been wanting to pursue this.

2 - You yearn for me. Yes, you know that there is more for your life. You know that you want a fulfilling career. You know you want to use your God-given gifts that right now you feel aren't being used to their potential.

3. You are ready to take on hassle. If you don't want any hassle in your life, then you shouldn't start a business. It is a hassle. There are a million moving parts. Especially in the beginning, you feel the weight of this. Now, as you make more money you can hire people to do those hassles for you so you can enjoy doing what you do best. That's the goal :)

4. You are ready to hustle. Yes, you're ready to get everything going properly so you can get excited and share this business with the world. You're ready to work hard (while not making much money) because you know it will pay off. 

5. You love the thought of the difference you can make in others' lives. You are so excited about how this can help or change their lives and can't wait to share it with them. This is key - because if you truly believe in your product/service, you will make a difference and they will be so grateful to you!

6. You are a reasonable human being. As a business owner, you must be able to maturely deal with customers. You have to be able to handle situations when things go wrong. (If you don't have the type of personality that can deal with other people well, you will need to have a front person being the face of your business for you.) But you are most likely a reasonable human and are excited to help others through the process of buying and experiencing your product or services.

7. You want this. You want a business. You are ready. You want to make this happen. You are driven to be in control of your future, create something special and make money doing what you love!

I'm so excited you are here and for your AWESOME adventure as a business owner!

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