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Ep 69: How to be an observant consumer so you can become a mindful business owner.

Feb 11, 2021

You are a consumer...but are you an observant consumer? In today's episode, I share 3 ways that you can start noticing your interactions & experiences with other businesses so you can intentionally & mindfully run yours.

I share a story about my husband David & I shopping for a new mattress. It was an icky experience at the first store, then the 2nd store was much better. It will make you see that your customers are EXPERIENCING something when they meet you and do business with you. You have to be cognizant of helping customers/clients figure out what is best for THEM, not you.

So many businesses are too worried about selling certain items or making the most profit per sale or simply talking customers into things they don't need. Don't be this type of business owner. You have to look out for them so that they are pleased with their purchase and share your business with other people.

Here are the 3 ways you can be an observant business owner:

1 - notice the aesthetics and how everything looks/feels as you enter the store or shop online

2 - observe how they treat you and how they interact with you. are they polite? do they make you feel seen & heard?

3 - how do you feel after the sale? pleased? would you tell others about that business? or are you feeling like you got talked into something you didn't want?

Take all of this into consideration and really start absorbing the experiences you have with other owners so you can become the best business owner you can be! Your whole job is to help people - to make their lives better - and to SERVE. It is not about them serving you & your business needs.


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