EPISODE 43: Shifting from OLD School to NEW School Business Principles - with Michelle Stinson. (Yes, she's back!)

Remember Michelle Stinson with Impression Edge - my guest on Episode 9? She shared with us "Old School Business Principles That Work" and it was so much fun. Did you know it is my #2 most listened to episode ever? Oh yes, it is just behind my very first Episode 1 and that is why I'm so excited to have her back and share how things have changed in just 9 short months since we last chatted.

Today she is sharing how Covid-19 has given her the opportunity to do the things in her business she had always been wanting to do: get her business online, market through email and social media, and most importantly be able to finally now give back to her favorite charity: The Livestrong Foundation.

Episode 9 - Old School Business Principles That Work!
Episode 40 - Get your email list going! Yes, you heard Michelle say she had to finally do this herself...if you haven't begun yours, now is the time. I share 3 truths about starting your list!

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Mask Warrior - a partnership between Impression Edge & Livestrong Foundation
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