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Ep 98: Change is inevitable as you start & build your business.

Sep 02, 2021
 We all know that in life, change is inevitable. Here's the thing: it's the same in your business. Yes, things will change.

Today I share with you 4 ways that you may experience change and how to keep your head up & know this is NORMAL and you CAN CHANGE :) 

So here's the 4 inevitable changes that will happen in your business...

1. When you're starting your business. It's that moment you realize you are meant for more than where you are today. When you decide to leave your 9-5 or getting back into the working world, etc There comes a day you realize you want to start a business, and how awesome is that - change is coming in your life!

2. When you are unhappy with the way you are offering your products/services. The form that you sell may begin to feel not as exciting and you decide to change the way you sell.  From retail store to online, from 1x1 services to a course or workshops, etc.. If you aren't feeling good about your method, then realize you have the power to change. You can do it - and you should so you can truly enjoy this awesome business of yours!

3. When you're products/services aren't selling. Is the problem the products/services itself? Or is it that you don't have the right audience before you? Usually the latter is the case. That's what you need to figure out. Maybe it is a shift in your products or services, or maybe it is a shift in WHERE you are selling? Do you need to start reaching different people? Try new venues? Change needs to happen so that you can sell more...and you need to analyze what needs to be changed. 


4. When you need to close your business. Know that at some point this business era that you are in will end. It's just like anything: there is a life span. Either your business does really well and you sell it .....or you simply close it down.  So, know that it will come to an end at some point, but here's the exciting news: You will be a changed person because of this business. You will learn more than you can ever imagine.  You may go off and start a new business - which is what I did. Everything I have learned in my past businesses has led me to build this business here. And, that's the cool thing for you too - all that knowledge can be applied to something new!


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