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Ep 94: Never lose sight of these 4 things as you build your business.

building a business growing a business starting a business Aug 05, 2021



p>Today I'm sharing with you 4 things never to lose sight of as you start, build & grow your business!

Granted, some people pivot their business or change what they do - and that is understanable. But your initial thoughts are usually your sweet-spot :) 

1 - Your initial vision for why you wanted to do this. Please do not ever lose sight of this. Because it's your core being speaking to you - sorry to get all WOO on you. But that initial vision is what you should stay grounded in before you make other major decisions. You don't want to get off the path of what you really wanted this business to be.

2 - Your initial vision of the problem you wanted to solve for them.  At the beginning of you thoughts on what you want to offer...and keep that at your core too. Create your own lane. Empower yourself. Build this based on what you really wanted to offer - NOT what other think you should switch to necessarily. I see some new owners get talked into changing things. Now, if you're not making money & there's not a market for what you offer, then you may need to tweak it.   Just don't lose sight of your initial vision as it is truly what you want to offer the world :) 

3 - That this is a business and not a hobby. So many of you get stuck in hobby mode and don't take strategic steps to actually make money doing this. If you really want a successful business, you do have to take this part seriously. Please make sure you don't get lost in the creative side and don't actually take steps to set yourself up for growth & profits.

4 - That you will recognize how far you've come! Remember back when you started and how you had 0. Then you had 10 customers. Then you had $100 or whatever it was! You started somewhere...don't let yourself forget how far you've come. 


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