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Ep 13: Easy Business Strategy - Plan Yours Today!

Jan 16, 2020

Today I'll be talking about your big-picture business strategy for this year! Yes, it's time to have a plan so you can focus on the right things - so I have even included a printable, easy strategy plan you can start on today.

No, you don't have to spend days figuring it out. My guess is you ALREADY know the big initiatives you should be putting in place today. I'm just helping you get them on paper so you have a COMPASS for the year, and don't get distracted by the 80 million other things pulling at your attention. And, this will make you list out your "HOW's" - meaning, how you are going to go about working on those goals & initiatives. Again, this isn't complicated - but it's necessary.

Take a few minutes to help yourself + hear a personal story + and learn what business strategies I'm putting in place for this year.


Quote I love that I discussed in this episode:

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