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Ep 105: Are you really inspiring people with your business?

Oct 21, 2021

In today's episode, I wake you up a little by asking: Are you really inspiring people into action?  Or are you just another business selling what feels like a commodity?

Don't just be another boring business - you have so much more to offer the world ...and realize your key to success is whether you inspire or not.

After all, you are set out to make a difference right? Whether you are making people happy with small gifts, whether you are saving people time or money or helping them get healthy or find a career or help them make their relationships better, you are bettering their lives, right?

But there's the thing: if you are not inspiring them in these 3 ways...then you have a good chance of building a business that doesn't do as well as it could.

3 questions:

1. Are you inspiring them when they first come in contact with you? Whether it be through meeting you in person or through your website or through your social page or your podcast or your FB live or your YouTube channel or your booth, etc...wherever it is, are you inspiring them?

2. Are you inspiring while they SHOP with you? Once they met you and CHOSE to take a step towards you, are you inspiring them?  For example, if you have a physical store or a booth, is it a good experience that inspires them? Does it give them ideas and make them excited about what you offer? If you have a website or a sales page, does it inspire people to take the next step with you? Is it inviting, clear and does it paint a vision for what could be for them? If they call you for a consult call, is that call inspiring? Thing this through how you are inspiring them once they make a choice to come closer into your circle.

3. Once they buy from you, are you inspiring them? Do you make them excited for their purchase or make them feel good about their purchase? Do you get them excited to give you money for what you offer?

Think hard today about your business. How are you inspiring people? 

I hope you'll listen today as I share some examples to help you build a successful business!



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