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Epi 135 - She's Just Getting Started Podcast - Entrepreneur vs business owner

Ep 135: Business Owner VS. Entrepreneur

May 19, 2022

In today's episode, I have a fun chat about the differences between Business Owners & Entrepreneurs. You may not have ever thought about the difference, but today you'll be clear about the difference!   

It is interesting how some people just naturally call themselves small business owners or business owners...while others consider themselves entrepreneurs.

Business owners usually own a business that sells products or services that there is already a market for. Entrepreneurs usually are more cutting edge, they have some fresh new idea, they may need funding & they are scrambling people to believe in it and help them get the business going.

Most of you listening to this episode, I'm guessing, consider yourself a small business owner - maybe even an online business owner - or a small business owner with a website. But the cool thing is, you can start taking on the attributes of an entrepreneur to become an even more innovative business owner.

Listen today so you can finally put this debate to rest and understand which you truly are!

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