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She's Just Getting Started Episode 143

Ep 143: Are you still arguing FOR your limitations?

Jul 14, 2022

In today's episode, I share with you the concept of Arguing FOR your limitations. Many of you do this and some of you know you do this...some of you don't even realize it. Either way: It's hurting the progress & growth of your business.

I polled our FB Group the other day and got an interesting take on all that you are scared of when it comes to your business. Things like "people won't buy my stuff" or that "I'll lose money", etc.

But in addition to those FEARS you all are also taking your limitations for evidence that you can't build a successful business.

Here's another way:

Many of you are DEFENDING your circumstances, limitations, etc and never moving past that to realize that YOU CAN STILL BUILD A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS.

So many of you say you don't have enough money or enough time or you're not well-known enough to build a successful business. 

Many successful business owners started with nothing. Many successful entrepreneurs started with nothing. Many successful CEOS have come from very bad circumstances. 

Even with your limitations, YOU CAN BUILD A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS.

Listen today for your pep talk...because I'm no longer going to allow you to use these excuses.

You know I will do it though in a nice way, right? LOL :) 


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