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Ep 61: When's the perfect time to start your business?

Dec 17, 2020

In today's episode I share what the perfect time is to start your business. So many aspiring business owners ask me this. Is it the beginning of the year? The spring? The summer? When you have a job? When you don't have a job? I have even had some ask if they should start their business when they finally get a divorce. Oh yes, this is actually what many are thinking through.

Today I want to settle this once and for all so you can relax about when to start your business.

Here's the deal: You are in a process right now, right? You're researching...looking up how to start business...toying around with ideas trying to figure out which will make you money...trying to figure out everything you need to do, right?

And do you really know when the official start of your business WOULD be? Is it when you get your DBA or file for an LLC? Is it when you tell someone else you are starting a business? Is it when you get your website up? Is it when you create your first product or service offering? Is it your first sale?  Truthfully, I don't know the answer. There is probably a legal answer. But honestly, I think many of those listed are legit moments when you start your business because you are moving forward.

With that, do you realize that the process you are in now is really the process of starting your business? You are doing things that are moving towards making money, right? 

I share my story about looking for a 2nd dog. I had that dog before I picked out a dog. I was already in the process and had already leaned into having 2 dogs total in my home.

The same goes for your business.

I hope you'll listen today so you can put all this to rest and realize you are well on your way to making money!



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