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Episode 63 - She's Just Getting Started Podcast - This is your time.

Ep 63: 4 Big lessons we have learned in 2020 - and why THIS is your time.

Dec 31, 2020

In today's episode,  I share 4 big reasons why the timing couldn't be better for you to pursue your dreams and be a small business owner.  Yes,  COVID-19 and everything is going on in our world. There is so much we have learned and I hope you take some time to really consider these things as you take your life and business on this year!

1. We've learned that we are not in control. God is in control. You really only have control over your next decision. You don't have control over others, you don't have control over others' decisions, you don't have control over the world, and the list goes on.  In addition to having control over your next decision, you also have control over your reactions to what is going on around you. So with your life & business, you just need to work on the next best decision. Anything can change - so you do have to seize the day. If you have been nervous about starting your business or even fearful, it's time to put that aside. You never know what the future holds. Start taking steps today. This is your time.

2. We've learned that one big things we as human value is fellowship. And with COVID going on, it has been taken away from us and it has been so hard for all of us. The whole world has been affected - not many events in time have affected the whole world like this. So with your business, realize that you CAN still have fellowship - you can STILL bring people together, and you need to. You can be in close contact with those people you want to serve. You can go live, you can send emails, you can be on social media, you can hold zoom calls...there is so much you can do to create buzz & fellowship around the mission you are on. Think through how you feel comfortable connecting with those people you want to serve - and take action. This is your time.

3. We've all learned how special & awesome small businesses are. Eventhough we have seen so many small businesses suffering during this crazy COVID time, and it has actually brought people together rallying and defending small businesses. If you have been wanting to start a business, know that people want to support you and help you. Whether you are in the idea stage or just getting going, people will be there to support you like you never imagined. It's awesome that we have a spotlight and have others to rally around us and our missions.  This is your time.

4. We've learned that life is too short not live true to who we are. Surely you have had a yearning inside you to do more, be more and make a difference in others' lives...right?  With that, if you are just starting a business or even in the idea stage, know that you get to craft this business in alignment with who you really are.  Ask yourself: what you really hope to accomplish with this business? What mission are you on? Know that there is no better time than now to pursue that mission and build a business around it so you can make money doing what you love. This is your time.


I'm so happy you have joined me today - and hope you know that you can build a business that is impactful & meaningful...and yes, you can make money doing what you love! ♥︎


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