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Ep 72: You don't need more time, you need this.

how to start a business starting a business time management Mar 04, 2021

In today's episode, I share what you need instead of more time as you start your new business. So many new business owners think they need more time to do this or that or need more time to figure things out. Today I share the truth about what you really need. 

So do a little thinking right now about how things get done in your life. And are there reasons why you get certain things done on certain dates? Or even why you get things done by a certain time each day? 

For example, if you have to go to the doctor, you know you need to leave at a certain time to get there in time. Or if you have an event planned, you know that you have to have everything prepared before that event time, right? If you got married or are getting married, you planned everything for months possibly before the big day right?

What do all of these things have in common? They have DEADLINES. Yes, they all had a certain day or time that everything needed to get moving even if they weren't fully perfect or completed.

That is how it is with your new business. There is no boss hanging over you telling you to have your work done by 5 pm. As an entrepreneur, you have to set deadlines FOR YOURSELF. This way, you get things done and keep with the momentum. Realize that not everything is going to be perfect - and it's okay. You have to keep moving forward.

Here are 3 tips for meeting your own deadlines that have worked for me:

1 - Front-load your weekdays. Meaning - do your heaviest work at the beginning of the week.

2 - Batch days that you do things. So if you need to get your website done, work on that on Monday. If you need to work on product development, do that all on Tuesday. Batch your days and you will see some added progress.

3 - Time block during each day. Set hours during your given days that you only do certain things. This totally helps you get things done more quickly!

I hope you realize that deadlines are your friend :) Get to making some deadlines for yourself so you can get your business started as effectively as possible!



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