Ep 76: 4 Things many new business owners are scared of...

Apr 01, 2021

So many new business owners say they are scared. And I get it, starting a business can be scary. Today I talk you through 4 common fears I've seen with those I've coached, those I've had in my Just Start Academy, and those that have posted things in our FB group.

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But don't worry, if this is you and you are scared of things in your new business, know that you are not alone and there is a way to overcome them.

Here's the thing: when you start a business you don't have confidence. Or most people don't at least LOL. You have to take action in order to GAIN confidence. 

1. Many are scared their business will fail. It is scary to think about failing, but really think through what you are afraid of losing by starting this business? Money? Reputation? Think about it this way: If you are taking proper steps and creating a solid foundation, you have a MUCH better chance if this NOT failing. You're taking steps or you wouldn't be here.  You are doing the right things - keep doing them - your business won't fail if you do things right. 

2. Many are scared their products won't sell. And, I get this too. It is scary thinking competition does it better or that your product just isn't the best. But here is how you want to approach this: make sure your idea is a good one. Make sure your product is desired, and works and people will pay for it. Once you do that and add your own flair and spin on things, your products and/or services will sell. Don't focus on being "better" - focus on being different. People like different :) 

 3. Many are scared of niching down. This is a big one I see in 1x1 coaching especially. People come to me with their business and try to get things rolling, but are scared to narrow down focus. And yes, I struggled with this myself too when I started this business. You must narrow down to a comfortable place so that you can speak loudly to a small group, and not softly to the whole world. Speaking softly will get you nowhere. Don't be afraid to niche down - I did it with this business: I help NEW business owners...those just starting. I could help owners in different stages - but I niched down :) So can you :) 

4. Many are scared of feeling alone and not knowing what to do next. Yes, this is valid. But, no you shouldn't sit in a corner. You can get help from free FB groups, from local groups, from people you know, and from paid groups/coaching as well. There is no need to stall and wonder what you should be doing, or even to get going without getting feedback on what you are doing. You need to have direction - you need to get other eyeballs on your business. 

So, remember - starting & building a business may seem scary...but it doesn't have to be if you do things right and reach out for help.

Action brings confidence :) 


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