Ep 77: 5 permissions you need to give yourself as you start a business

how to start a business new business owner starting a business Apr 08, 2021

If you're starting a business,  one thing you'll need to know is that it's hard to give yourself permission to do/not do certain things. In today's episode, I share 5 that you should really consider.

1. Give yourself permission to start. So many people (especially women) find it very hard to simply allow themselves to start a business doing what they love. They feel like it will take time away from family or kids and that they need to stick with what's working now.    Here's the thing: If your family really can't afford to be doing this right now, then don't. Don't put others in a bind. But give yourself permission to start this business if it is something you have wanted to do. If you see a need for something, go for it. It doesn't have to be risky, expensive, or crazy hours - this business can be exactly what you can handle right now.

2. Give yourself permission to be IMperfect. It's true - because if you don't do this, you'll stall and you won't get anywhere. You must know that none of what you are doing right now when starting your business will be perfect. And you have to boldly keep moving forward even when everything isn't exactly as you want it to be. In fact, in my private FB Group, on Monday's I post an "imperfect-action" post so that everyone can commit to moving forward. Now, some things will need to become perfect...but don't let perfection get in the way as you are taking action.

3. Give yourself permission to build this business your way. So many new business owners get caught up in all the media buzz, FB buzz, social buzz, entrepreneurial gurus, etc, and start believing that their business has to be like theirs to be successful. It's not true. You NEED to build your business in a way that feels comfortable and good for you at this point in your life. Soak everything in that you are learning and understand the pros/cons of different business models, but please make sure you are being sensible and honest with yourself about what feels comfortable to you.

4. Give yourself permission to play small. Yes, we all start somewhere. I did with this business - in front of the world. After all, I'm teaching others how to start a successful business, so I'm on the hook for building a successful business, right?  It's so freeing as you start your business to say "Yes, I'm a small business" or "I'm just getting started" or "Yes, I have time to help you" - because you do - YOU HAVE TIME. This is your chance to give top-notch service, to be there for your people, and help them understand that you are starting small, but giving it your all. I share some stories in this episode about ways that I have started small and what a difference it has made for me to "own" that.

5. Give yourself permission to pivot, change and adjust as needed. Many new business owners start thinking they will offer one thing but end up shifting slightly to something more viable. And, if you're not "feeling it" or something isn't right, please do adjust now so you don't have to later. Maybe you are slightly changing your service offering or your products or how you offer it - know that it's okay. We new business owners do this. We adapt. We pivot. We build our businesses intelligently :) 

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