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Ep 8: Are you ambitious, or actually COMMITTED?

Dec 12, 2019

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Many people describe themselves as ambitious, in fact, my own husband has described me this way. However, after thinking this through, I would rather be considered committed instead of ambitious. Why? Because ambition sometimes doesn't have an action associated with it or an actual mission behind it.

When you are committed, you are in it. You are doing everything it takes - for YOUR specific goals. You aren't just sitting around dreaming and stating that you want to do this or that. When you are committed, you are doing the things to move forward and make it happen.

Now, being committed doesn't mean that you want to have a billion-dollar business. It could mean you are committed to working enough to make $500/month, or $5000/month, or whatever it is. This simply means you are committed to taking steps, taking action and doing the things that need to be done. You aren't just sitting around saying you want this or that, you are actually doing the work.

Here are the 7 commitments I discuss in this episode and would love for you to really think through and apply to your business and life.

1. I am committed to my overall mission.

2. I am committed to being ME.

3. I am committed to taking care of myself physically & mentally.

4. I am committed to learning more every day.

5. I am committed to thinking creatively with a vision.

6. I am committed to not letting hardships get me down.

7. I am committed to taking action.

You can print yours here:

Again, I hope you really took this to heart. I know you are meant for more, and I want to help you get there. You can do this - and I am so excited to see you get started on the path to a fulfilling life & business!


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