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Ep 86: 3 Factors that determine how fast you build your business

building a business growing a business starting a business Jun 10, 2021
 In today's episode, I talk about the speed with which you build your business - and the 3 determining factors. So many get anxious thinking they aren't going fast enough - and some are simply building too slow.
Just like how children mature at different speeds, so do businesses. And there are factors that go into how quickly you can and can not build your business. Be real about this so you don't get upset if you are thinking you are not building it fast enough. Also - don't build too fast or you'll miss the crucial foundations that you need to support you from here on out!
1 - Season of your life: This will determine how much time you have, where your head is at, and how much money you have to put into this business. If you have 3 kids, a full-time job, a spouse, 4 animals, you volunteer, you're taking night classes AND you're trying to build a business...then know you will not be able to build this business as fast as someone with no kids and no job and no spouse and no school LOL. Be real about it so you don't get upset about it.
2 - Money needs: Every business owner has their own idea of what they need to make in order to have a "successful" business. Now, we all "want" a bazillion dollars...but it really comes down to the need right now. Some people need to replace a previous job or current 9-5. Others just need $1000/month. But know this: the foundation is the same. The approach in terms of creating all the crucial pieces is the same. 
3 - A clear plan: If you don't have a clear plan for what you are doing, your business is going to take longer to build. This is because you will surely head in a million directions and not be focused on where you need to be focused. I see so many new business owners just starting their businesses and rushing into it, but don't really think through all the fundamentals. They get it launched, then hear crickets, then say "now what." Don't let this happen to you. Have a plan of attack - know what you need to be doing. 
So just realize, if your friend is building her business beside you, she may build it faster or slower than you - and that's due to many factors including the 3 important ones above.  Stay on track with your business, with what you can do right now at this time in your life. Everyone is different, everyone builds their business at their own speed -and that's the beauty of it!


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