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Ep 89: 3 Ways you should be having fun with your business!

Jul 01, 2021

 So many new business owners are so giddy and excited about their businesses. And yes, you should be. Starting & building a business is a blast!

But, here’s the problem: some of you aren’t having fun. And so, I have to ask: “WHY NOT?”

Today I want you to think about 3 ways you should be having fun:


  1. With what you are selling. Yes, you should be having a blast offering the thing you offer :) Maybe you are a home decorator, instructor, maker, designer, teacher, etc  - whatever it is, it should be something you truly enjoy and can make others’ lives better in some form or fashion.
  2. With how you are offering what you are selling. Yes, you should be having fun with the format of your offer. Do you offer products? A membership? Live workshops? In-person sales? However you offer it, make sure you really like and enjoy the way in which you are selling it. Know that there are so many ways you can package and offer what you sell and it does not have to be in a way that any guru, mentor, neighbor, family member, other business owner, or any person telling you that you should run it. Your business is YOUR business. You have the freedom to offer what you offer in YOUR WAY. So, please, today, if you don’t like how you are selling it -meaning, for example, you don’t like doing booths at shows, then you have the power to take this business online and ship products to people. If you are a teacher, for example, and don’t enjoy doing big group teachings and would prefer 1x1 tutoring or teaching, then DO THAT. Make sure you feel in alignment with how you are offering your services or products :)
  3. With your people. You should be having fun with your audience, followers, fans, etc. It what you’re with them live in your store, or live on FB or in your emails or in small groups - however, you are showing up, you should be having fun :) People like being around fun people - they don’t want you all stiff and serious (unless your business needs you to be.) Once you give yourself permission to share your personality, your sense of humor, and your gorgeous smile, you can’t help but create a relaxed environment that others will be drawn to!


That’s it - promise me you’ll have fun with this business or get on a call with me and let’s talk about what’s weighing you down so we can move past it!


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