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Ep 21: How to FOCUS while working from home & not fear the chaos left behind. (Productivity Part 2.)

Mar 12, 2020

So, yes, I just have to ask: Do you fear the chaos when you time block? In addition, are you able to say no to the things that won't help you get to your goals, and say YES to the things that will?


Today I talk about how to get creative with what is going to happen when you time block. Your house may become a mess. You may need help babysitting. You might need help with groceries and meal prep. So now it’s time to enlist help from others or you may have to pay for it. Do not let menial and unimportant things get in the way of you accomplishing your business goals - and sucking up your time!

I’m so happy you are being serious about your time and taking steps to make sure you have focussed hours to better yourself and your business!

Links I mentioned:

👉Instacart - I use this, love it for grocery delivery - CHECK IT OUT HERE!

👉HELLO FRESH  - Yes, I use this weekly for meal delivery - and love it! Here's a $40 off coupon - wahoo! they send you the ingredients & the recipe and you simply get-to-cooking! It solves my whole issue of staring into the fridge and asking "What the heck do I make for dinner?"


After all, you are on a mission. And you need to learn to say NO to the things that aren’t aligned with where you want to go with your business - and life. Make sure you are only committed to things that matter so you can keep those time-blocked hours that are crucial to your day!

(If you didn’t already, listen to 🎧Episode 20 about TIME BLOCKING  - it can change your work life!)

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