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Ep 12: 2020 Business Statistics & Trends You Need to Know!

Jan 09, 2020

Oh yes, it's 2020 and we need to know the state of small business and entrepreneurship ...and trends to expect to see more of!

I'm so happy to say that this is such a fabulous time to be building a business! There are so many tools, so many ways to communicate with potential clients and so many ways to educate yourself as an owner!


Here are some stats I mentioned:

582 million entrepreneurs in the world33% of entrepreneurs ONLY have a high school diploma9% of entrepreneurs have a business degree from a college3% have a masters or PhDMiddle-aged men have the most successful businesses. But women-owned businesses are up 114% way outpacing the growth rate of businesses in general which is 44%. The business failure rate has declined by 30% since 1977 - wahoo!

Then I review the top business trends of 2020:

1 - User Reviews 2 - Ecommerce 3 - Personalized Customers Service 4 - Social & Email are still the best ways to communicate with customers 5 - Small business owners are seeking out peers (groups, co-working places, etc.) ___________________________________________________________________________

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